Doctoral studies

​The general basis for post-graduate education is Master’s degree in economics. Master’s degree is a graduate degree that gives the eligibility for doctoral studies within one’s major subject area. Post-graduate studies in accounting and finance can be completed extensively in the follow areas of accounting and finance:

  • Management accounting
  • Financial accounting and auditing
  • Finance

Detailed descriptions of the priorities of our research can be found under the research section of this page. In the early stages of post-graduate studies it is important to compose a research plan that can be used to present the project for example in a research seminar. A director is appointed to each approved post-graduate student. The professors within the subject (Markus Granlund, Kari Lukka, Hannu Schadéwitz, Mika Vaihekoski​) are willing to discuss post-graduate projects.

Recent doctoral dissertations

Useful links to post-graduate students

The Finnish doctoral program in business studies (KATAJA) coordinates graduate schools of economics. The national school for post-graduate studies in accounting is the Graduate School of Accounting network (GSA) and the national school for post-graduate studies in finance is the Graduate School of Finance (GSF).

National tutorials in accounting are a great opportunity to present research papers and to receive external feedback. The department of accounting in Turku School of Economics held an accounting tutorial in 2007. Aalto-university will hold a national tutorial in accounting in August 2014.

The internet-page of the Academy of Finland contains useful information. The most fundamental European accounting community is the European Accounting Association (EAA). In the United States the adequate organization is the American Accounting Association (AAA).

In finance similar organizations are European Finance Association (EFA), European Financial Management Association (EFM) and the American Finance Association (AFA). And important international networks regarding management and teaching is The European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM).

The purpose of the research network within social sciences is to increase the global interaction between the researchers and practical professionals. Science Research Network (SSRN),Accounting Research Network (ARN), Financial Economics Networks (FEN) and the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).

Nordic Accounting Research Network is an informal cooperation between Nordic accounting departments at high quality business schools and universities. The immediate ambition is to increase supply as well as quality of PhD education in financial accounting and auditing.

Some fundamental scientific journals about accounting and finance:

A Journal of Accounting, Finance and Business Studies (ABACUS)
Accounting, Organizations and Society (AOS) 
Accounting Review (AR)
Corporate Governance: An International Review
European Accounting Review (EAR) 
Journal of Accounting and Economics (JAE) 
Journal of Accounting Research (JAR) 
Journal of Banking and Finance (JBF) 
Journal of Business, Finance and Accounting (JBFA) 
Journal of Finance (JF) 
Journal of Financial Economics (JFE) 
Journal of Management Accounting Research (JMAR) 
Management Accounting Research (MAR)
The International Journal of Accounting (IJA)​




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