Prospective students

Accounting and finance is worth studying as a major subject because the skills and knowledge gained from the studies can be used directly in practical working life. Also knowledge about accounting and finance is exactly what companies expect students with MSc in economics to know. The teaching in accounting and finance is diverse and teaching is held in the following forms:

  • Lectures
  • Case-exercises
  • Exercise groups
  • Computer-exercises
  • Discussion courses
  • Visiting lecturers
  • Courses that are held in co-operation with companies

Accounting and finance gives opportunities in working life and students that have studied accounting and finance are employed in various positions both in companies and in the public sector. The teaching of accounting and finance in the Turku School of Economics is extremely high quality and the teachers of the subject have been nominated the teacher of the year award several times. Studying of accounting and finance is:

  • Exercise-intensive during the first years
  • Demanding at times but definitely worth it
  • Not just computing !
  • Fun !

A student of accounting and finance has the opportunity to choose one of the three alternative specialization areas:

  • Management accounting
  • Financial accounting and auditing
  • Finance

Accounting and finance is robustly linked to other subjects taught in the Turku School of Economics. This allows students to choose a versatile major subject / minor subject combination. Examples of different accounting and finance specializations and possible minor subject choices:

  • Management accounting: management, international business, economics, information systems science, business law, marketing, operations and supply chain management, entrepreneurship, future research
  • Financial accounting and auditing: economics, business law, information systems science, international business, entrepreneurship, future researce
  • Finance: economics, quantitative methods in management, international business, marketing, information systems science, entrepreneurship, business law






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