​The lecturers and researchers within the subject of accounting and finance actively co-operate in teaching, research and professional expertise with other researchers and professional organizations both nationally and internationally. Our experts take part in the following:
  • ​Research projects with experts from both our university and other universities
  • Research projects with companies and other organizations
  • Lecturing mentoring with TSE exe as well as in companies and other organizations

International publishing

The researchers within the subject of accounting and finance have had an active role in international academic publications. Professor Kari Lukka was the editor of European Accounting Review from 2000 to 2005 and professor Markus Granlund has been the vice-editor in the same journal from 2003 to 2011. At the moment Granlund is the vice-editor in the International Journal of Accounting Information Systems. In addition to these, all the professors and many of our researchers work as reviewers in journals such as:

Co-operation with universities

For postgraduate studies the subject of accounting and finance is collaborating with the Graduate School of Accounting network (GSA) and the Graduate School of Finance (GSF). Several visitors from universities all around the world visit the subject of accounting and finance every year. Our own staff is also active in visiting foreign universities. Co-operation in research has also led to co-operation in teaching: man of our courses held in English are lectured by our international partners. We co-operate for example with the following universities:

    Co-operation with companies

    The subject of accounting and finance has important relationships with professional organizations such as the Financial Supervisory Authority and auditing firms:PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG. Experts from these auditing firms have participating in teaching auditing. The staff of the subject of accounting and finance have a great deal of research and teaching co-operation with several companies and organizations such as: