Information Systems Science

Welcome to the web pages of Information Systems Science at Turku School of Economics! On these pages we will tell you a little about ourselves and our students, what we study and teach. Since the web pages are never ready, we have put our contact information to many pages. We hope that you don't hesitate to contact us. Good ideas to further develop our pages and services are welcomed, you can send them directly to me!

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Head of teaching at Information systems science

Briefly about ISS and us

New ways of applying information and communication technology create new business models. Information systems create opportunities for organizations to improve their performance and enable rapid and global development of networks and partnerships. Tomorrows decision-makers need to be educated so that they have relevant skills and knowledge for working in this environment.

In ISS we study the modern organizational context which includes:

  • business objectives,
  • the ICT artefacts used to perform processes and work,
  • organizational procedures and
  • the results ascending from the application of the previous.

We aim at producing knowledge on how to effectively manage this context, and how to improve business results and processes. Central in our research is the holistic examination of business operations and how to renew production, services, and especially management procedures to reach better business results.

We are with our partners the leading Information Management research and education unit in Finland. We have two special products: IMMIT and GITM focus on educating and training professionals to work in information resources management in international enterprises and in international project environments within the ICT-enterprises. They are international multiple degree programs.

Work Informatics aims at studying scientifically the relationship between the concept of work and information technology.

Networks of excellences

ISS-major students and faculty members visited in April 2015 in a real place of excellence in Turku, PerkinElmer. We got information about interesting company history and its development path, insight into the development process of high-tech product, and IT-support issues. Also the factory tour was very interesting.