Kai K. Kimppa

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Areas of expertise

  • The rights (or rather lack of) to the immaterial
    (or as some call it, IPRs)
  • (Online) Computer games
  • eGovernment applications
  • Censorship, trust building,
    codes of ethics/practice and others
    related to ICT and Ethics
  • HCI


Academic Background

PhD (Information Systems, Department of Information Technology, University of Turku)

Master of Social Sciences (Applied Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, University of Turku)


IT and Ethics (his favourite), IS Research on (Computer) Games and Master's Thesis Seminar. He has thought other courses as well, such as Usability in Everyday Environments, Information Systems Modeling, Theoretical Foundations of Information Systems and Information Systems Evaluation.

Research Interests

  1. The rights (or rather lack of) to the immaterial (or as some call it, IPRs), as he finds the current IPR regime to be impractical, unfair and not working to the benefit of humanity, but rather for the few rights owners. Currently he is rather fed up with the topic, however, but a bit of light seems to be dawning on the future of research, as he finds new, more ethical business models in regards to IPRs promising and may direct his research towards these at some point.
  2. (Online) Computer games, as he thinks it is fun to play them, so why not also research them when interesting questions arise? He has studied the moral significance of cheating in online computer games, the moral aspects of gold mining in online games, and has supervised some theses on games issues, for example on advertising in games and on leadership practices in online games.
  3. eGovernment applications, as the current ones utilize awful procurement procedures, do not answer to the needs of the citizen, are horrible to use and are offered by a monopoly (state/county) which the citizen is practically forced to use. He has written papers from eVoting, through eHealth issues to ePassports and beyond.
  4. He has also dabbled on topics such as censorship, trust building, codes of ethics/practice and others related to ICT and Ethics, which is his over-all interest area – he is willing to do any research in this area he finds interested, so if you have a topic, and think he might be of value in cooperation, do not hesitate to contact.
  5. He used to be interested in HCI, and still follows the field as a field of interest, but has done very little research on it. He has, however, worked as a user interface designer in the industry 'back in the day', and taught a course on usability.

Selected Publications

Positions and Memberships

  • IFIP (International Federation of Information Processing) working group on (WG 9.2) social accountability and special interest group (SIG 9.2.2) on computing and ethics have been his long time interests. He has functioned as the secretary of both (6 years each), and is currently the Vice Chair of the ethics group and is the Finnish information processing association (FIPA) national representative to both the SIG and to technical committee (TC 9) on ICT and society. With IFIP, he has been active in organizing the IFIP TC9 combined groups SummerSchool as well as guides on how to set up national ethics work groups and codes of ethics – amongst other things such as conferences, books and more. He has received the Silver Core Award for his work for IFIP.
  • TTL (Tietotekniikan liitto) ry Etiikan työryhmä (FIPA (Finnish Information Processing Association) ethics work group) has also been an important part of his activities in the field. Unfortunately, he has not been able to participate in the activities of the ethics group as much as he would have wished, due to other requirements for his time. With FIPA, he has participated in the creation of two books, "Silmät auki tietoyhteiskuntaan" (Eyes wide open to the knowledge society) and "Silmät auki sosiaaliseen mediaan" (Eyes wide open to social media). Third book, "Silmät auki: onko IT-etiikkaa näkyvissä?" has its call for papers open currently.
  • Effi (Electronic Frontier Finland) activities is something he partakes on as well, although, admittedly, not as much as he should. He has participated in educating both students and the general public on their electronic rights – and lack of. He has also participated in the Big Brother panel awarding both people and organizations in Finland for work well done to supress electronic rights (well, and Winston Smith award for working for the rights of citizens too).
  • He has given (too) many visiting lectures both in Finland and abroad, participated in conferences, panels, and special interest groups as well as organised a conference (or two) in Finland, is a member of several conference programme committees, functions as an editorial member of JICES (Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society) as well as does reviews and special issues to various journals such as Ethics and Information Technology, Journal of Business Ethics, Internet Review on Information Ethics etc.