IMMIT multiple degree program


International Master in Management of IT

The IMMIT programme degree totals 120 ECTS credits, to be completed in 2 years full-time studies. The IMMIT programme has been running since 2007, about 15 students in one cohort. A unique aspect of this programme is the IMMIT cohort experience, which means that you will start and finish the programme with the same group of students. The cohort moves each semester to a new European location: France, Finland and the Netherlands. For more information about the program, including course descriptions, interviews with students, alumni and professors and case examples, please visit the IMMIT website. For further information on eligibility, admission, etc., please contact Tilburg University (contact information given in the pages above) or Eija Koskivaara in Turku.

The obligatory IMMIT courses at TSE consist of 24 credit information systems science studies and 6 credit of languages and communication studies on the 1st Spring term, and master's thesis on the second Spring term.

Obligatory courses

  • TJPG Master's thesis (30 cr), 2nd Spring term
  • TJSRM Research methods (6 cr), 1st Spring term
  • TJS1 Management of ICT services (6 cr), 1st Spring term

At least 12 credits of IS studies, e.g. one of the following:

  • TJS17 Enterprise architecture (6 cr), 1st Spring term 
  • TJSe2 Management of IS Projects, (6 cr), 2nd Atumn term (online)
  • TJS6 Software business (6 cr), 1st Spring term
  • TUCS courses

Obligatory studies in languages and communication at least 6 credits of following: 

  • EN3 International Business Negotiations Skills (3 cr), 1st Spring term
  • EN10 Academic writing (3 cr), 1st Spring term
  • SVF1Finnish: Beginners' Course 1 (2 cr), 1st Spring term
  • SVF2Finnish: Beginners' Course 2 (2 cr), 1st Spring term

In addition the following courses are available (see also TUCS-courses):

  • TJSe2 Management of IS projects (6 cr), 2nd Autumn term, virtual course,
  • courses offered by Turku Centre for Computing Science (TUCS), 1st Spring term

Discuss always with TSE academic coordinator of IMMIT Eija Koskivaara about the content of your studies.

The general information on studying at Turku School of Economics are useful for both exchange students and degree students of TSE.  

Would you like to take some technical courses?

Since our education is in the area of information systems, we don't address very technical issues in our courses. In particular if you had a technical profile in your bachelor degree and would like to further enhance it, you might want to consider taking some courses from the Department of Information Technology at University of Turku. Their advanced level courses are provided in English. The listing of courses can be found at Turku Centre for Computer Science.

... or advanced courses on business intelligence?

The other university in Turku area is Åbo Akademi University, which has a similar information systems subject as we are. They offer various courses and the master's level courses are taught in English (bachelor courses are taught in Swedish). The information systems subject in Åbo Akademi University has a long tradition in advanced data management, data mining to support operations and management. They also have an interest in eCommerce and mCommerce.

Although we address these issues also in our courses, there are limits on how deep we can go. Issues related to business intelligence are relevant for all specializations. The listing of courses can be found at Turku Centre for Computer Science. TUCS is a joint unit of the computer science and information systems subjects in Åbo Akademi and Turku University.

If you plan to study at ÅA University or any other university in Finland, please discuss it in advance with your study coordinator and make an application for flexible studies in advance by using the online joopas application form. 


Need assistance in Practical Problems?

We use the official information systems of Turku University to distribute information about our courses, most notably the NettiOPSU system and the university intranet. Specific information about individual courses is distributed through Moodle.
But of course sometimes - no matter how hard we try - you can't find all information. Then the best person to contact is Eija Koskivaara, who is in charge of IMMIT program.
In practical problems you can also contact our secretary Mari Jaakkola. Mari has a long experience of working within the department, she can often solve issues and find information very fast.
In questions related to immigration, we are not experts. For those issues and many other practicalities visit the University of Turku students service pages. You might find a reply to your question.