International Business

The research-based insights allow us to move beyond theoretical knowledge and provide relevant up-to-date information. We thereby contribute to the success of firms that are either multinational, in the process of internationalisation or starting to develop international new ventures, for example, through the transformation of their entrepreneurial domestic ventures.

From this deep engagement with IB research we add to our strengths in teaching and learning. By considering our undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students to be active community members in our community we develop high level courses which are student-centred, focus on learning and provide us with direct way of producing research that is relevant to IB as a whole. That consideration also helps develop pathways for meaningful careers by allowing the graduates of our programmes to be innovative, critical and strong contributors to the communities they choose to work.





Contact Information
Niina Nummela
tel: +358 50 330 7007
email: niina.nummela(a)

Sanna Hirvola
Departmental Coordinator, HR Specialist
tel:+358 50 595 4460
email: sanna.hirvola(a)

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