Anne Kovalainen

Academy Professor

+358 2 333 9311


Anne Kovalainen is Minna Canth Academy Professor since 2010 at the University of Turku, School of Economics. She also holds a chair in entrepreneurship at School of Economics, University of Turku. She has held positions as visiting faculty fellow at Stanford University, School of Humanities and Sciences, at Michelle R. Clayman Institute, London School of Economics and Political Science, Gender Institute, and as visiting professor at Kingston University, UK. Currently she is visiting professor at the Technology University Sydney and visiting fellow at Roskilde University.

She has been vice-chair of the Research Council for Culture and Society at the Academy of Finland (2004-2010) and member of the several international science policy institutions (NORFACE, ESF) and scientific associations. She is presently board member of the Finnish Innovation Fund (Sitra). She has designed and led several large national and international research projects with competitive funding (EU, Academy of Finland, Nordic Council of Ministers, TEKES), all with national and international collaborative work and publications.

Research Interests

Anne Kovalainen’s scholarly work and research interests fall into four main areas that are interrelated in many ways: economy and society, and especially entrepreneurship and self-employment as integral part of economy; research on gender; social research methodology and methods; knowledge production and STS research. She is interested in social and societal aspects of economic life, gender as social theory concept, and knowledge formation and uses of knowledge, both in society and in sciences.

Anne Kovalainen’s research is centered on the gendered economy and its different tenets within the Academy of Finland funded research project and her academy professorship. She approaches the subject as economic sociologist, employing interdisciplinary perspectives from the fields of economic sociology, economic studies, science studies and gender studies.

Selected publications and current research activities, see professor Kovalainen’s Academy of Finland research on Gendered Economy page.