Baltic Rim Economies
The Pan-European Institute publishes a discussion forum, Baltic Rim Economies (BRE), which deals with the development of the Baltic Sea region. In the BRE review, high level public and corporate decision makers, representatives of Academia, as well as several other experts contribute to the discussion.

Latest issue was published 19.12.2016.

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Expert articles: 

  • Jean-Claude Juncker: Standing by Ukraine
  • Tarja Halonen: The future we want for the Baltic Sea region
  • Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu: Turkey’s humanitarian foreign policy
  • Peter Stenlund: The security situation in the Baltic Sea region
  • Emily O’Reilly: Regulating the revolving door between industry and politicians
  • Antti Riivari: Businesses need knowledge of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Saara Ilvessalo & Henrik Ringbom: BALEX – a new legal network for the world’s most regulated sea
  • Jānis Vucāns & Bodo Bahr: The Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference
  • Johanna Ojala-Niemelä: Finland´s Arctic cooperation has a long tradition
  • Vygaudas Ušackas: EU-Russia relations: from strategic partnership to strategic challenge
  • Guðmundur Árni Stefánsson: 25 years of cooperation
  • René Nyberg: On the complexities of this world
  • Aleksi Randell: Thinking and acting internationally is in the DNA of Turku
  • Kalev Härk: One city, two states – obstacle or opportunity?
  • Denis Strandell: Hanko, a small city by the sea, living off the sea
  • Andrey Ermak: Development of tourism in the Kaliningrad region
  • Malgorzata A. Wozniak: “Lithuania-Poland-Russia 2007-2014”: successful practice of a tripartite Cross-border Cooperation Programme
  • Agnès Monfret: Interreg Cross-Border Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region
  • Eugene Eteris: Diplomacy in the Baltics: assisting growth and BSR’s development
  • Volker Perthes & Oliver Meier: The Baltic Sea Region: a geopolitical test bed for European Security
  • Juha Pyykönen: Military balance in the Baltic Sea Region is vital
  • Vladimir Sazonov:  Russian information aggression in Ukraine
  • Henrik Breitenbauch: Russia creates a greater Nordic region
  • James Mashiri: The icy logic of the Baltic Sea freeze
  • Bettina Renz: What ‘hybrid warfare’ can and cannot tell us about Russian military strategy
  • Henri Vanhanen: The Baltic Sea Region – seeking stability in a flux
  • Antti Kaski: The importance of knowledge-based decision-making in a state of flux
  • Mark Urnov: 827 words about Russia’s future
  • Grigorii V. Golosov: The state of Russia’s party system
  • Esko Pihkala: GOP forgot its proud history
  • Magnus Rystedt: Innovation and green growth as guiding principles
  • Pilvi Hämäläinen: Finnish-Estonian economic cooperation boosted by new e-services
  • Anastasia Sologub: International projects as a basis for restoring relationship between Russia and the European Union
  • Elina Björklund: Digitalizing a traditional product driven company
  • Francesca Spigarelli & Lv Ping: Chinese investments in Europe and the case of the renewable energy sector
  • Inga Černiuk: GIPL project: interconnector to the European market
  • Margot A. Loudon: Introducing the internal gas market
  • Antto Vihma & Mikael Wigell: The strategic case against Nord Stream II
  • Ulrich Lissek: Nord Stream 2: Energy security and cooperation for decades to come
  • Andrei Sannikov: Lessons from Belarus
  • Anaïs Marin: Belarus after the lifting of EU sanctions: a reset on Minsk’s terms
  • Jouni Saarni: Maritime sector’s latest vision: Autonomous shipping – the Baltic Sea aimed to be the first testing area
  • Jukka Teräs & Mads Randbøll Wolff: Green transition and regional branding in the Baltic Sea Region
  • Toni Laaksonen: White-tailed eagle is an indicator for the health of the Baltic Sea ecosystem
  • Ann-Mari Sätre: Social policy in Russia
  • Sebastian Magier: Developing strategic youth policies in Baltic Sea Region
  • Elisa Aro: Russian knowledge-driven investments in Finland
  • Kari Liuhto: Finland’s nearly 100-year-old economic relations with Russia

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