Baltic Rim Economies
The Pan-European Institute publishes a discussion forum, Baltic Rim Economies (BRE), which deals with the development of the Baltic Sea region. In the BRE review, high level public and corporate decision makers, representatives of Academia, as well as several other experts contribute to the discussion.

Latest issue was published 20.5.2016.

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Expert articles: 

  • Olli Rehn: The energy security of the supply to Finland and the Balticconnector project
  • Liisa Oviir: Recent development trends in e-Estonia
  • Vladimir Zinovskiy: Belarus sails from turbulence of past challenges to quiet haven of advantages
  • Miapetra Kumpula-Natri: Steps towards an integrated Energy Union
  • Ann-Marie Nyroos: Denmark and Finland: Nordics together
  • Sergey Kizima: The role of economic diplomacy in the foreign policy of the Republic of Belarus
  • Vatanyar Yagya & Sergey Kustov: 25 years of the Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference
  • Wojciech Szczurek: Gdynia’s international cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region
  • Jørgen H. Kristiansen: Cooperation and exchange
  • Risto E. J. Penttilä: Why we need a new Nordic treaty
  • Markku Kakriainen: Finland: wedged in between superpowers
  • Michael Miatlikov: Role of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in promoting bilateral trade and economic relations drawing on the example of Belarus and Finland
  • Alise Barvika: Finnish-Latvian cooperation and the growth potential in the region
  • Antti Vasara: Innovations boosting prosperity
  • Annaleena Mäkilä: Intelligent investments in Finnish ports?
  • Ari-Jussi Knaapila & Jukka-Pekka Joensuu: A maritime cable from Finland to Central Europe: Baltic Sea area becoming a new data hub and connecting European Single Market
  • Juha Vauhkonen: The Finnish navy safeguards merchant shipping connections
  • Reijo Karhinen: Job creation in Finland rests on small and mid-size enterprises
  • Sergei Roumas: Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus: evolution of success
  • Pekka Vauramo: Connecting the Baltic rim to Asia: Finnair's mission
  • Mika Anttonen: Blending mandate for advanced biofuels
  • Vyacheslav Demidkov: The world best experience of energy – to Belarus:
    the development of dialogue with Scandinavian countries and Finland
  • Susanna Juusti: Modern marketing uses digitalization to demonstrate standout ROI
  • Karlis Bukovskis: A glimpse of today’s history: technology, reactionary politics and Europeanization
  • Marco Siddi: The EU’s Energy Union: reconciling climate goals with energy security?
  • Sam Perlo-Freeman: Military expenditure in the Baltic region
  • Kenneth Rosenqvist: The Finnish Border Guard's Air Patrol Squadron
  • Tomas Jermalavičius: ‘Hybrid war’, societal resilience and deterrence
  • Påhl Ruin: Information war in Lithuania
  • Piret Pernik: Cyber security concerns bear the intensifying of Nordic-Baltic cooperation
  • Birgit Hansl & Andras Horvai: The Russian economy: a difficult year behind and further adjustments ahead
  • Mark N. Katz: Putin’s foreign policy and Russia’s long-term interests
  • Peter Rutland: Threats to stability in Putin’s Russia
  • Katja Lehtisaari: Position of commercial media in Russia
  • Jussi Lassila: Nationalism in Russia and its reflections in the Baltic Sea region
  • Nataliya S. Karpova: International business in Russia, 2014-2016: stress-test for sales and investments
  • Tapio Lautsi: The impact of EU sanctions and the Russian counter sanctions to the economies in Baltic Sea area
  • Anna Pivovarchuk: Russia’s ever-evolving drug problem
  • Svetlana Stepanova: Tourism development in border regions of Northwest Russia
  • Krzysztof Żęgota: Mechanism of local border traffic on Polish-Russian border
  • Ilja Viktorov: What happened to the Russian economy after 2012?
  • Mark-Oliver Teuber: Trade patterns and economic structure in the Baltic Sea region
  • Yoji Koyama: Euro and the Baltic States
  • Jean-Paul Larçon: China's “Belt and Road” initiative and the Baltic Sea region
  • Ossi Westilä: Aboa Mare Maritime Academy and Training Center: Arctic Waypoint Finland
  • Juha Flinkman: The Baltic Sea: from a clear subarctic pearl to a murky backwater – and back?
  • Haik Thomas Porada: Economic, political and cultural contacts have constituted the Baltic region for centuries
  • Ted Wallin: Do I have the right to someone else’s madness?
  • Kari Liuhto: Foreign investment inflow to Russia practically stopped in 2015

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