Baltic Rim Economies
The Pan-European Institute publishes a discussion forum, Baltic Rim Economies (BRE), which deals with the development of the Baltic Sea region. In the BRE review, high level public and corporate decision makers, representatives of Academia, as well as several other experts contribute to the discussion.

Latest issue was published 28.2.2018.

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Expert articles:

- Sampo Terho: Direction of the Finnish humanitarian immigration policy
- Othmar Karas: The straight path forward
- Sirpa Pietikäinen: China is ahead in the game – where is Europe?
- Elina Lepomäki: European perspectives on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline
- Hannu Muhonen: Towns need a well-functioning Baltic Sea
- Marjukka Vihavainen-Pitkänen: Many potential benefits to improving connectivity in the Arctic
- Allan Rosas: CBSS: small, unknown but beautiful?
- Joakim Berndtsson & Karl Ydén: Back to the future? Swedish public opinion on - Russia, defence spending and NATO membership
- Kari Liuhto: Russia’s economic interaction with the NATO member states
- Margarita Šešelgytė: Security challenges for the Baltic Sea region
- Henri Vanhanen: Maintaining stability at the Baltic Sea region
- Mykhailo Gonchar: Future of natural gas transit from Russia via Ukraine to the EU
- Juha-Antero Puistola: Nord Stream 2 – divide et impera
- Ruslan Mustakimovich Shafiev: The main directions of Russia’s energy diplomacy
- Matti Saarelainen: A need for clarity in the era of hybrid threats
- Jorma Turunen: Digitalization as the key success factor of the Finnish manufacturing industry
- Eini Haaja & Milla Harju: ECOPRODIGI – bringing ecoefficiency to maritime sector in the Baltic Sea region through digitalisation
- Tommi Inkinen: Digitalization is strongly present in the current Maritime Studies of the Baltic Sea at the University of Turku
- Michael Emerson: Prospects for Lisbon to Vladivostok
- Claus-Friedrich Laaser & Klaus Schrader: A German view on the Baltic Sea region
- Kaisa Leiwo: Turku region enjoying positive structural shift
- Toni Sulameri: Future of wind power is offshore
- Emin Akcaoglu, Harald J. Bolsinger & Rainer Wehner: Recent developments exposing further political risks: what about multinational corporations’ reaction?
- Elmira K. Zilber & Andrey S. Mikhaylov: Limited territorial capital and the development of a university
- Sergey Kadochnikov & Anna Fedyunina: The shifting structure of Russia’s export 2014-2016
- Andrey Vinogradov: Logistics of internet retailing in Russia faces new challenges
- Rajib Sanyal: Bribery in international business in post-USSR countries
- Andres Metspalu: Biobanking and precision medicine
- Ramūnas Povilanskas: Health tourism in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
- Ellu Saar: Youth unemployment in the Baltic States
- Göran Larsson: Global conflicts with local consequences – some examples from Sweden
- Luule Sakkeus: Population development of Estonia
- Anne Kovalainen, Seppo Poutanen & Jatta Jännäri: Gender equality in the Baltic Sea region – similarities and differences
- Emil Edenborg: Has the Baltic Sea become a frontier in a global conflict over sexuality?
- Alexander Kondakov: Hate crime against LGBT individuals in Russia
- Xue Fuqi: An interpretation of deficiency of development in Russia
- Nis Høyrup Christensen & Ari Kokko: Chinese FDI in the Nordic and Baltic countries
- Galina Gavrilko: Chinese version of the Marshall Plan
- Konstantinas Andrijauskas: The Baltic States and China’s infrastructure push: appreciation of insecurities
- Enn Listra: Slowing leaptigers contested by skilled elephants
- Vello Pettai: Taking stock of Estonia’s political left turn
- Henning Sten Hansen, Lise Schrøder & Michael Kull: BONUS BASMATI
- Thomas Backhaus: Chemical pollution of the Baltic Sea – a brief overview and assessment
- Vladislava Vladimirova: The green economy in Russia
- Jørgen Jørgensen: European Humanities University – bridging Belarus to Lithuania and the West
- Vladimir Chaplygin: Russian and Belarus monetary union: experience, problems and perspectives
- Vitaly Zinovchuk: Ukrainian agriculture is on the threshold of a cooperative boom


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