The Turku Campus
​The Turku university area, i.e. the university campus, lies just a stone throw away from the Turku city centre, on the East bank of the Aura river.

​The campus extends from the cathedral all the way to the Kupittaa railway station. You can move easily by bike or by walking from one place – and time – to another. In 1640, the first university students in Finland began their studies right next to the cathedral. On the other side of the campus, future innovation and technology are developed in the ICT building at Kupittaa and at the Turku Science Park.

In addition to the University of Turku, the campus area is home to Turku’s Swedish university, Åbo Akademi, and the Turku University of Applied Sciences. The total of students in the Turku  universities is nearly 40 000.

All the important services for the staff and students are on the campus: student restaurants, libraries, cafés, bars, convenience stores to name a few. Furthermore, the city centre and market square are within an easy 10-minute walking distance. Right next to the campus lies the Student Village – a home and a familiar place to many students and alumni.

The buildings on the Turku campus represent different centuries and decades. The idyllic wooden houses operated as a garrison for the Russian army at the end of the 19th century.

One of the newest buildings on the campus is the ICT building, where all three universities, the University of Turku, Åbo Akademi and the Turku University of Applied Sciences, operate and collaborate with each other.



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