Equality Issues

The aim of the University of Turku is to be an equal workplace and work community.

The University has made an equality plan with the aim of advancing equality and preventing direct and indirect discrimination and harassment. The University monitors the realisation of the plan and develops its operations based on the results.

Advisor on Equality Issues

The Advisor on Equality Issues, who is based in the Human Resources in the University Services, gives instructions both for students and staff on equality issues. The advisor works in collaboration with the University Equality Committee. Duties of the advisor include, besides instructing and informing, also monitoring and documenting the work situations relating to equality issues.

The Advisor on Equality Issues of the University of Turku is Study and Work Well-Being Coordinator Anu Mäkelä, tel. +358 2 333 6445 or tasa-arvovastaava@utu.fi.

Equality Committee

The University of Turku has an Equality Committee appointed by the Rector, whose task is to advance and monitor the implementation and development of equality at the University.

The composition of the Equality Committee 1 January 2017-31 December 2019:

Vice Rector, Professor Riitta Pyykkö (Committee Chairperson)

Lecturer Juhani Hiirikoski
Lecturer Annukka Jauhiainen
Associate Professor Noora Kotaja 
Departmental Coordinator Sanna Kuusjärvi
University Lecturer Tiina Lintunen
Professor Johanna Niemi 
Associate Professor Suvi Salmenniemi
Professor Reima Suomi

Lecturer Jarmo Niemi
Student Linnea Mattila

Senior Laboratory Technician Anne Rumpunen-Virtanen

Study and Work Well-Being Coordinator Anu Mäkelä (Committee Secretary)

Accessibility Planning Officer

The Accessibility Planning Officer, who is based in the Educational Development and Counselling Services, gives instructions and guidance for both students and staff on issues relating to the general accessibility of the University and to the accessibility of studying and teaching.

The Accessibility Planning Officer is Paula Pietilä, tel. +358 50 597 1066 or esteet@utu.fi

The Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY) has two harassment contact persons[HH1] , whose duties include counselling and supporting students that have encountered harassment at the University. The harassment contact persons have professional secrecy and they do not keep a record of the persons that have contacted them.


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