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The University of Turku contributes to its' international researchers' settling-in well in Turku. There are many ways to connect with the local community. If you are interested in getting to know more about the Finnish way of life, the Friendship Programme is perfect for you. The voluntary based programme is run by the higher education institutions in Turku. Science Café has become a popular event in Turku. It is a science-oriented public discussion event for audiences of any background, in comfortable environments.

Expat Turku Network welcomes business and academic expats living in Turku area to participate to after-work events, company visits and leisure activities. The Expat Turku Network partners are the Universities in Turku, the World Trade Center Turku and the Turku Chamber of Commerce.

 In addition to these, there are many student clubs and organisations organising events to every taste and style, such as Turku International Club, European Student Network (ESN), and many more.


Get to know some of our international staff members:

"My Family Loves This City"
Doctor Masafumi Fujino,
Accounting and Finance



 "I Often Think I Have the Best Job in the World!"
Professor Baoru Yang,
Food Development



"It's Like a Science Family"
Doctoral Candidates at the Molecular Plant Biology Research Unit


"Students Have Been Very Responsive"
Visiting Researcher Elizabeth Whitney,
Media Studies




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