The Language Policy of the University of Turku

​The University of Turku is the first Finnish-language university in the world where the main language of education and services is Finnish. However, the use of English and other languages is developed and strengthened continuously through the principles of parallel lingualism and receptive multiligualism. This supports the internationalisation goals set in the Strategy of the University of Turku.

  • The University encourages its community towards multilingualism.  Our goal is that everyone can participate in general discussion in their own language.
  • The principles of the Language Policy are apparent in the everyday activities of the University. Among other things, the University offers its students and staff education and training that improve language skills as well as interaction and communication skills.
  • It is practical to select the language of research according to the field of science and research topic, but the aim should be that research results are also presented in Finnish so that the scientific terminology and expressions are up-to-date in the Finnish language.
  • The University strives to guarantee equal accessibility to services and central administrative documents both in Finnish and English.

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The Board of the University of Turku approved the University’s new Language Policy on 9 December 2016. The Language Policy was updated to correspond to the University's Strategy for 2016–2020.

The University Board approved the Language Policy for the first time on 16 November 2011

The objective of the Language Policy of the University of Turku is to develop the language environment into a genuinely international one by encouraging the community towards parallel lingualism and receptive multilingualism. The Working Group on Language Matters follows and promotes the realisation of the Language Policy. 

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