FINPE (Finland-Peru) 2004-2015
​Photo: Juan Malaver Villanueva, UNALM



The FINPE project was built on the contacts of the Amazon Research Team at the University of Turku (UTU-ART), which has a history of more than 30 years of activities in tropical America. The FINPE project was created to provide a network for exchanging students and teachers, as a complement to the research and training activities of UTU-ART in Peru.


FINPE PAB aimed at enhancing institutional cooperation in the field of environment and development for the benefit of the Peruvian Amazon Basin. Besides exchanging students and teachers and thus enhancing their capacity to work in and for the Andean Amazonia, the project provided a framework for developing long-term institutional collaboration.  


During the 11 years of the project, 66 students and 22 teachers were exchanged between Finland and Peru. The contacts and networks created during these exchanges will continue to strengthen the links between the partner universities.

Also two network meetings were arranged, and a closing seminar sharing the results of the project to a larger audience in Lima, Peru.

By financing teacher exchanges in the field of food sciences, the project has also supported the creation of the Food Innovations from the Andes project between two of the partners, UTU and UNALM. 



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