Mobility Programmes

The Erasmus programme concerns students registered at European higher education institutions who have agreements with the University of Turku. Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility involves students also outsiden European Union.

Bilateral agreements The University of Turku has several bilateral agreements with universities around the world. 

Nordplus is an exchange programme between Nordic and Baltic countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland plus Faroe Islands, Greenland, Åland and Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
FIRST+ The Finnish-Russian Student and Teacher Exchange Programme is meant for Russian students and teachers from partner universities within the Turku/Åbo-Russia Network.
The North2north programme is organized by the University of the Arctic and is meant for the students of the circumpolar countries who want to study in another Northern institution (Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, United States, Canada).

ISEP The International Student Exchange Program is a North-American reciprocal programme. In addition to the United States, the programme includes universities from Canada, South Korea, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Nicaragua and Uruguay. 
The Coimbra Group Student Exchange Programme is an association of 40 prestigious European universities committed to creating academic and cultural ties between the countries. Some of the members offer the possibility for a student exchange.
The Fulbright - University of Turku Graduate Award is aimed for an American for studying or doing research at Master or Doctoral level at the University of Turku for one Academic Year. Also doctoral level placements are available for those finalizing their Master's Thesis before commencing the grant period. There are also other possibilities within the Fulbright Programme.

For those applying to Master's Degree Programmes at UTU and the Fulbright scholarship:
If you are accepted to Master's Degree Programme at UTU the University will award you a scholarship covering the entire tuition fee for the academic years 2018 - 2020. It will also directly compensate the second academic year 2019- 2020 if the student completes the required number of ECTS credits during the first year

Erasmus Mundus Action 2 The University of Turku was involved in several Erasmus Mundus Action 2 (EMA2) mobility projects. The last one ended in July 2018.

Education Finland EDUFI, former CIMO scholarships for students and reserchers. E.g. scholarships for Finnish Studies.

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