Vice Rectors

According to the university’ regulations, the rector decides the number of vice rectors after hearing the university board.  The rector selects the vice rectors from candidates. Rector can make the selection before his term starts. Before selecting the vice rector(s), the rector must hear the chairman of the university board.

Vice Rectors

Professor Riitta Pyykkö
Tel. +358 2 333 6497

  • Professor Riitta Pyykkö is responsible for education and the development of educational structures. Pyykkö will be the substitute of Rector Väänänen, in case he is unable to take care of his official duties.
  • Riitta Pyykkö has been the Professor of the Russian language of the University of Turku since 1997. Pyykkö has studied, for example, the language of politics, the cultural history of Russia and the connections between changes in language and culture.

Professor Kalle-Antti Suominen
Tel. +358 2 333 6243

  • Professor Kalle-Antti Suominen is responsible for research and the development of research prerequisites.
  • Suominen has been the Professor of Physics of the University of Turku since 2000. He has especially studied the interaction of atoms, molecules and radiation in quantum mechanics.

Secretary to the Vice Rectors

Ms. Päivi Toppinen
Tel. +358 2 333 6122