Community Well-being
Each member of the University community does their very best to ensure the success of the University. The University supports its community in maintaining their ability to work and study. We pay special attention to the development of leadership skills: we train supervisors and support them in their managerial tasks. We recognise that leadership primarily involves managing change. We require that our supervisors take responsibility and are fair, consistent and interactive in their work. 

The participation of the personnel and functional practices in the work community are the cornerstones of well-being at work. We encourage our community to communicate actively and we support versatile discussion. We make sure that our employees have the necessary professional skills and work equipment.

Our students are equal members and younger colleagues of our academic community. A straightforward beginning for the first-year studies is particularly important. We take care of the well-being of our students together with the Student Union and the Finnish Student Health Service. We support our students' ability to study with high-quality and accessible teaching and guidance.

Our recruitment is based on thorough human resources planning. Our recruitment process is open and fair.  We provide our employees with the necessary orientation and create opportunities for career development, internationalisation and for achieving success in work. We encourage our community to learn, to engage in entrepreneurial activities and to develop their own work. In recruiting researchers, the University is committed to advancing the principles  presented  in  the  European  Charter  for  Researchers  and  the  Code  of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.



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