Responsible Education
We are committed to a responsible learning process. This requires careful planning of our curricula, education that is based on the latest research, and a steady progress of studies, as well as a correlation between education and working life.

Our education is organised into appropriate and sufficiently extensive modules. We encourage our students to utilise the University's multidisciplinary education across our different fields of science. Our regional and national collaboration with other higher education institutions provides opportunities for building versatile degrees.

We highlight competency in the contents of our degrees. Education in the different fields covers the required knowledge and skills and provides competence for working life. Our students acquire skills for lifelong learning and a positive attitude towards the continuous development of their abilities. In addition to degree education, we offer versatile studies in the Open University as well as other adult education. The University of Turku is the leading developer of post-degree specialisation training in Finland.

The internationality of our education is highlighted by our engaging English degree programmes and by including studies that support internationalisation in every degree. Together with other regional operators, we support the placement of international students in working life.

In our University, every researcher teaches and every teacher conducts research. Our training in university pedagogics and modern learning environments support the University's high-quality teaching. Our student feedback system covers the entire degree programme and continues as career follow-ups. This way, we ensure the quality of our education. The University and the Student Union promote and support a student and study culture where students take responsibility for their own learning and student guidance is well timed and of a high-quality.

Our alumni are an important resource in strengthening our contacts with working life.



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