Ceremonial Conferments

​In the University of Turku, the Ceremonial Conferment is celebrated every 2–3 years. In 2013, 112 doctors and 13 honorary doctors were conferred. The next Ceremonial Conferment common to all faculties will be organised in the spring of 2015.

The Finnish ceremonial conferment traditions have their roots in Uppsala. The ceremony lasts for three days and it begins with the Sword Sharpening Ceremony on Thursday. The swords are whetted with grindstones that are rotated by the avecs. The ceremony includes dinner, some speeches and, finally, a ball.

The Conferment Ceremony begins on Friday at 12 pm. with a procession with the Head Marshal, flags, Rector, Chancellor, visiting rectors and chancellors and the professors followed by the conferrers and the promovendi, i.e. the honorary doctors and doctors arranged according to their faculties.

The Act includes speeches and music as well as the Conferment itself, which takes place partly in Latin. The conferrers place the doctor’s hats on the doctors and hand them the swords and the diplomas.

After the Act, the Academic Procession marches into the ceremonial conferment service held in the Turku Cathedral. In the evening, a Ceremonial Conferment Banquet and Ball will be organised.

The celebration ends with the Ceremonial Conferment Sailing and lunch on Saturday.


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