Evaluation of Foreign Language Courses by Language Instructors in Liberal Adult Education Institutions

Tamar Mikeladze
Telavi State University, Georgia / University of Turku
tamar.mikeladze _arvaa_ utu.fi

Teaching adults a foreign language is a complex and multifaceted process. Teachers  need  to  be  aware  of several  factors  that  influence  adults' development in a foreign language as a  second  language  and take  these  factors  into  consideration  when  designing  and  implementing  programs,  curricula, and instruction (Wrigley & Guth,  1992).  However, Liberal adult education is not degree-oriented, nor is its content regulated by law Instead, educational goals and content are decided upon by the administrators of educational institutions and organizations (Anderzén, 2012).

The purpose of this research is to evaluate teachers’ attitude towards foreign language programs and adult learners in liberal adult education institutions. This research is expanded to include teachers’ evaluation of their role and language course content. The overarching goal of the research is to determine what factors influence the successful language program according to a teacher’s view. The following questions guided this research:

- What is the attitude of instructors toward the language programs?
- What are strengths and weaknesses of these language courses?
- What can be changed in these language programs?
- What difference does the language course make in adult learners’ lives according to teachers’ view?

Interview investigations were used to gather data necessary to address the questions being studied. The instructors’ answers revealed that there are some problematic issues such as peculiarities of adult learning and factors that influence this process. The answers showed how the language courses or teaching can be improved or modified.



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