Awareness raising in Digital Literacy: the impact of pedagogical intervention on seeking paths and strategies

Sanna Pelttari, Maarit Mutta
Turun yliopisto
sanpel _arvaa_, maamut _arvaa_

The aim of this presentation is to analyze the effects of awareness raising in information seeking and digital literacy in academic language learning context (L2). The objective is to study how students search for relevant information on the Internet, with focus on their use of sources and search strategies in order to accomplish the tasks. By digital literacy, we understand critical assessment and use of digital technologies and the competencies in digital communication and discourse.

Finnish L2 students of French (N=10) and of Spanish (N=10) took part in a translation course and participated in a three-part small-scale experiment: a translation task, a pedagogical intervention, and a translation commentary task. By administering these three parts we determined which strategies and arguments were used in the process of searching and finding the relevant information sought for. In addition, we aimed to understand whether this kind of processing approach could increase the awareness of digital literacy among students.

The results suggest that the pedagogical intervention in terms of strategy instruction had an effect on information seeking. However, there was a great deal of individual variation. The presentation illustrates different seeking paths and strategies.


Keywords: digital literacy, awareness raising, information seeking path and strategy



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