Confident Communicator in the Future

Mervi Varhelahti
Turku University of Applied Sciences, Language Centre
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At higher education institutions, we train our students for working life. The changes in the ways of working lead to a need of new kind of communication to be taken into account: communication skills, language skills, cultural awareness, digital skills and media attitude.

There are several future studies that point out the importance of teaching these new skills. In the near future, employees will be involved in mobile work over 10 hours/week, utilising communication technologies. Language teachers have a special role in training the student to be confident when communicating in these working environments.

To be able to anticipate the needs of working life the Language Centre at Turku University of Applied Sciences has organised its research and development projects under a theme Confident Communication. With this action we support our language teachers to implement language and communications training that meet the changing needs of working life.

The Confident Communication activities focus on four areas: technology supported communication, developing language teaching methods and practices, developing teachership and developing Finnish as L2 studies.

With strong cooperation with working life and institutions worldwide and constant anticipation of future trends we are able ensure that we will have Confident Communicators in the future working life.

To disseminate the best practices we encourage teachers to publish. Furthermore, the results of our activities will be presented every second year in a mini fair that covers any language. These mini fairs will also be a place for networking and dialogue, as well as a forum for generating innovations.


Keywords: research, languages, working life



Gareis, K., Lilischkis, S. & Mentrup, A. 2006. Mapping the mobile eWorkforce in Europe. In the book Mobile Virtual Work by Andriessen, E. & Vartiainen, M. (ed.)


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