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Unequalising World – Equalising School? FERA Conference on Education 17 – 18 November 2016

The world progresses simultaneously towards both equality and inequality. Although extreme poverty has decreased, global inequality is still one of the greatest threats for humankind. In order to survive, we must learn to share wealth and prosperity more equally on both global and national levels. Recently, we have witnessed signs of increased inequality which is dividing the population to the privileged and underprivileged across the world, Europe and Finland.

In Finland and other Nordic countries, school has been viewed as one of the most important sources of equality and prosperity. School has united Finns from different social and cultural backgrounds and levelled class distinctions. What are the possibilities for education to end the progression of inequality? What kind of repercussions will increased inequality have? Can schools meet the challenges of the unequalised world with the diminishing resources?

Keynote speakers

Prof. Diane Reay, University of Cambridge, UK
Prof. Martin Thrupp, University of Waikato, New Zealand

Important dates

22.8. Registration begins
23.9. Submission deadline for abstracts
5.10. Notification of acceptance of abstracts
14.10. Early bird -registration deadline
31.10. Registration deadline


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