KEKO2 Selection of optional courses of sustainable development

The aim is to strengthen the knowledge base of the student within the theme of sustainability. UTU degree students must select optional courses in total worth of 15 ECTS cr, whereas for exchange students 2 cr optional course suffices (but there is no upper limit). 
Note that KEKO is not responsible of arranging these courses. All the questions concerning the content and the modes of study should be addressed directly to the contact person named within the course.

List of courses in English that can be included in the Sustainable Development / KEKO studies 2017-2018

For the full list that includes also courses in Finnish, see the respectiveKEKO intranet page.

NOTE FOR THOSE EXCHANGE STUDENTS WHO CAN’T APPLY TO KEKO DUE TO TOO SHORT STAY IN TURKU: Even though you cannot register your studies as KEKO/ Sustainability Studies, you can study many of the courses from this list on your own. However, courses where the organizer is a “TSE” department (the first 6 courses), you cannot enroll unless you have a study right to TSE.

JO13/KV16 Responsible Business: an introduction, 6 cr 

Timing: Fridays at 9-12, 1.9. onward in first period, TSE 16
Department/discipline: TSE Management and Organization
Responsible person: Marileena Mäkelä

LT012054 LR07, 4 Corporate Responsibility Reporting, 2 cr

Timing: Thursdays 7.9. - 5.10.2017 at 10-12, the last two meetings 9-12.
Responsible department/ discipline: TSE Finance and accounting
Responsible person: Oana Apostol
NOTE: The course starts from the basics of corporate reporting, so it can be followed without prior knowledge of the subject matter.

KV203120  KVS13 New Challenges of Global Business, 6 cr

Timing: Thursdays at 10-12, 31.8.2017 onward in the first period   
Responsible department: TSE International Business
Responsible person: Esa Stenberg

TJS16 Information Technology and Ethics, 6 cr

Timing: Mondays at 14-18, 28.8.-27.11.2017
Responsible department: TSE Information Systems Science
Responsible person: Kai Kimppa

TMe2 Globalisation and corporate responsibility, 5 cr

Timing: III period
Responsible department: TSE Economic geography
Responsible person: Jarmo Nikander

FUTS2242 FUTU1 Foundations of Futures Studies, 5 cr

Timing: Mon & Thu at 10-12, 28.8.-14.9.2017
Responsible department/discipline: Finland Futures Research Centre
Responsible teacher: Sirkka Heinonen

FUTS2243 FUTU2 Scenario Thinking, 4 cr

Timing: Mon & Thu at 10-12 from 18.9. to 5.10
Responsible department/discipline: Finland Futures Research Centre
Responsible person: Sirkka Heinonen
NOTE: FUTU 1 should be studied before FUTUS2

FUTS3257 FUTUS3 Systems thinking, 6 cr

Timing: IV period
Responsible department/discipline: Finland Futures Research Centre
Responsible teacher: Markku Wilenius
NOTE: FUTU 1 should be studied before FUTUS3

EAST004 Chinese Society and Urbanisation, 5 cr

Timing: Spring 2018
Responsible department/discipline: East Asian Studies
Responsible teacher: Outi Luova

SOSI0204 Social inequality, 3 cr

Timing: lectures on spring 2018 (possibly also a book exam option)
Responsible department/discipline: Dept. Of Social Research
Responsible teacher: Irene Prix

BSRS0029 Maritime Governance in the Baltic Sea Region, 5 cr

Timing: 4.9. – 30.10.2017
Responsible department/discipline: Baltic Sea Region Studies
Responsible teacher: Daria Gritsenko [ät]  

FNSC1112 Nordic Welfare State from a Comparative View, 3-5 cr

Timing: 4.12.-18.12.2017
Responsible department/discipline: Finnish-Nordic Society and Culture
Responsible teacher: PhD student

YMPS6002 Environment and Development 2–4 cr

Timing: 30.10 – 29.11.2017
Responsible department/ discipline: Environmental Science
Responsible teacher: Timo Vuorisalo

GEOL1112 Resources of the Earth, 2 cr

Timing: November 2017
Department: Geology
Responsible teacher: Krister Sundblad

BSRS0032 History of Pollution and Protection of the Baltic Sea, 5 cr

Timing: IV
Department: Baltic Sea Region Studies
Responsible teacher: Simo Laakkonen

Introduction to Intercultural Communication, 5 cr

Timing: 4-Sep-2017 – 29-Sep-2017
Department. Baltic Sea Region Studies
Responsible teacher: Gao Minghui on-line courses:

The application period for autumn courses is on 21st August – 15th September, 2017, see:
Contemporary South Asia, 5 cr
Timing: Spring 2018, apply 6th -24th November, 2017
Culture in East and Southeast Asia, 6 cr 
Timing: Autumn 2017, apply 21st August – 15th September, 2017
China’s Economic Foreign Policy and Global Economic Governance, 4 cr
Timing: Autumn 2017, apply 21st August – 15th September, 2017;
New Dynamics of Regionalisation in East and Southeast Asia, 5 cr
Spring 2018, apply 6th -24th November, 2017
KEKO students can also include a wide range of UniPiD (Finnish University Partnership for International Development) virtual courses in their KEKO studies, see:

Event: The 23rd YHYS Colloquium: Environmental Politics, Economy and Knowledge

Timing: Turku, Finland, 23rd–24th November 2017 
Free of charge for students. Optional course credits for KEKO students are possible (to be agreed beforehand with KEKO responsible teacher)

HILMA web-based Gender Studies courses


Other KEKO-relevant courses

In addition to above courses, the student may include in KEKO some other courses that are relevant for his/ her sustainability interests. The suitability of these courses must always be agreed beforehand with the responsible teacher of KEKO.
It is also possible to supplement sustainability studies with 1-2 cr applied KEKO-essay on some sustainability issue that is of interest for the student. Ask for the guidelines for the essay from the responsible teacher of KEKO, with whom the topic of the essay must also be agreed beforehand.

Responsible teacher of KEKO:

Sari Puustinen, keko (at)


​​It is also possible to include
other courses than mentioned
in the list (for example courses
that have been taken in other
universities), if the course will
support the learning process
under the theme.
These courses must be
negotiated with the coordinator:

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