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LITO learning platform

1. Registrar 
University of Turku / Turku School of Economics
20014 Turun yliopisto
029 450 5000

2. Contact person 
Taina Eriksson,

3. Purpose of the register 
The purpose of the register is to enable the realization of the LITO study module as completely online teaching. Registrar collects from the participating universities information of the students who have registered to the courses (collected information is specified in chapter 4) in order to arrange their access to the electronic learning platform. In addition, the information is needed to create study rights to the responsible university/universities of each course. 
The information is also used to transfer study credits between the course responsible university’s/universities’ systems and the student’s home university without the student having to ask for the transfer as a separate process. The email address of the student is used for notifications related to LITO studies (for example, the teachers can notify the students about course practices via email before the course begins). 

4. Contents of the register
The following basic, mandatory information is stored about the user: first name, last name, user ID, email. 
The user can enter the following voluntary information: 
• City
• Country
• Timezone
• Description
• Picture
• Additional names
• Interests
• Website
• Different social media IDs
• ID number
• Institution
• Department
• Phone
• Mobile phone
• Address
In addition, the LITO learning platform stores data about user activities in the environment and all data necessary for learning, teaching and grading. Teachers use this information in teaching. 

5. Regular data sources of the register 
The basic user information about the students is received from each university’s own student information system, based on the student’s course registration. 
Teacher’s basic information is received from teacher’s  own universities, once the teacher is set to teach in a LITO course. 
If some information is classified as secret in the user’s home university, it is not stored in this system. 

6. Regular data transfers, transfers of data outside EU/EEA 
User data can be transferred between participating universities in LITO collaboration. 
Anonymized analytics data can be handed over for research purposes. Person’s identity cannot be deduced from the anonymized data. 
Based on legal requirements, the registrar may hand off information to third parties. 
The contract between University of Turku and the services provider states, that personal information is not transferred outside EU/EEA. The service is delivered from a data center , but that is not applied in LITO in its entirety. 

7. Protection principles of the register 
Usage rights to the personal information is granted only to those people authorized by the registrar, who need the information as part of their duties in LITO collaboration. The people are bound by professional secrecy. All users have personal user accounts to the system. The registrar limits the information visibility through different roles and usage rights. 
Network traffic to the service is possible only through secured SSL access. User authentication utilizes the HAKA service. 

8. Right of inspection, right to correct information, other rights 
Every person whose data is stored in the register has an inspection right to his/her own information. The basic personal data is visible to the user in the system. A wider inspection request has to be sent to the contact person. 
Every person whose data is stored in the register has the right to correct incorrect information. The correction request has to be sent to the contact person. 
If incorrect information is such that it is transferred from a source system. The correction has to be made to the source system. 

9. Starting year of the register
Data has been collected since 2017.  


20014 Turun yliopisto, Finland
Puhelinvaihde: 029 450 5000


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