Promootiopäivälliset 27.5.
Tohtoripromootio 2011

Puhe kunniatohtoreille, FT Jukka Alinikula

Esteemed honorary doctors and jubilee doctors,

You have been invited as doctores honoris causa by the faculties of the University of Turku now including also the School of Economics. The honorary doctorate is an old tradition dating back to medieval times. It is the highest appreciation that a University can give to a merited individual without a doctoral degree from the university. With this recognition you will join the cultural and academic heritage of the city that has the longest history of education in Finland. Even the first University in Finland was established here in Turku.

You 19 qualified experts are chosen based on your outstanding achievements and valuable contribution to the University of Turku. You are all leading personalities in your own fields of science and society, representing the broad range of the research endeavour in Turku. Many of you have been involved in collaborative projects, served as opponents, shared your knowledge as visiting lecturers and contributed in various other ways to the high scientific level of the University of Turku. All of you have made a remarkable contribution to humanity and to the wellbeing of people, and thus your efforts have served the goals of the university.

Successful science can be made locally, but frequently both national and international collaborations underlie breakthroughs and innovations. It is through the exchange of ideas and methods, through bridging institutions, and through bringing brilliant minds and talents together, that society benefits the most. Thanks to your sound experience and knowledge in your own fields and your heartfelt willingness to share it with us, we have seen this happen also in Turku.

You have achieved your personal goals in life and reached beyond them. You have left your mark in history and while doing so, you have inspired us to follow your lead.

Ladies and gentlemen, let us raise a toast to the distinguished honorary doctors and jubilee doctors. To your health and success!

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