Promootiopäivälliset 27.5.
Tohtoripromootio 2011

Puhe nuorille tohtoreille, professori Sirpa Jalkanen

Hyvät nuoret tohtorit.

On juhlan aika ja olemme Turussa aina osanneet senkin tehdä kunnolla ja perusteellisesti. Emme tee poikkeusta tälläkään kertaa. Kyllähän kunnon juhlien nyt ainakin kolme päivää täytyy kestää –  ja ehkä Teistä sitkeimmät jaksavat jatkaa vielä sunnuntain puolelle. Tohtorintutkintoon on jokainen Teistä panostanut mittaamattoman määrän työtunteja, mutta väitöskaronkkannekin on silti ollut vain välietappi tähän promootioon. Siis juhlikaamme.

Lately we have educated more doctors than ever before during the history. It has been the will of the state or more specifically the will of the Ministry of Education. It wanted doctors to invade industries and other sectors in the society. Is there an inherent problem in this strategy? No, the doctor’s degree has required from you, young doctors, curiosity, ability to find innovative solutions to minor and major problems and a high threshold for frustrations. Most importantly, you have endurance - you have not given up. All these are qualifications needed at positions also outside the Universities. Thus, you have all doors open. Go and see the world.

Nowadays we have e-mail, facebook, twitter and talk to our mobile phones all the time. Therefore, you may think that postdoctoral periods abroad are part of history, something that the old guys did when they were young and did not have these great communication devices. Please, rethink! Postdocing is extremely useful in many aspects. Abroad you will realize that there are many different ways to do science and live the life. Most importantly, you meet numerous people, who will be part of your network rest of your life, whatever professional path you or they finally will take. The only requirement for this latter action to come true is that you behave well.

Career in research may sound uncertain, and in reality it is. Thinking this, I remember the words of late Professor Eino Kulonen, who said that ‘hyvälle työlle löytyy aina maksaja’ and something like this in English ‘good quality work always finds financing’. This is as true today as it was in his days. Career in science may also sometimes carry surprisingly insulting features. This happens, when a stupid referee does not understand your great work and rejects it using rude, non-professional language. In short term, it may help to remember that this has happened to almost every Nobel laureate as well. However, for a long-term survival, you eventually will grow a ‘thick skin’ to get rid off extra softness. Importantly, you young doctors, in science you always will stay young even if your calendar age is 60, 70 or more. You will be a rolling stone learning new things every day and you have the privilege to work with young people. After all, work in science is highly enjoyable and full of excitement. Isn’t it amazing that we do what we love and somebody is willing to pay our salary!

Congratulations young doctors.

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