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Higher education students in the Challenge Turku 2017 innovation camp were innovating new business possibilities in the field of Internet of Things
Picture: Winners of the Challenge Turku in Salo 2017 innovation camp: Simranjit Singh, Eric Kipongi; Nhan Thanh Nquyen and Huy Hoang Tran. In the picture also Matti Hildén from SATEL Ltd (left) and Pasi Malinen from the University of Turku.

​Challenge Turku in Salo was organized again as a 24 hour innovation race starting at noon on 23rd of March and ending one day later at noon. The camp registration was open for all higher education students in Turku area and the camp ended of representing a rich student body from different disciplines and three different universities. Most of the students were from the ICT field and related disciplines but also many economics students were participating in this IoT-related a bit more specific camp.  As before, also this year almost all of the students were international exchange students or young expats from Turku which gave a nice international character to the camp.

The Challenge Turku in Salo 2017 camp was organized in close collaboration with the City of Salo, Yrityssalo Ltd and Satel Ltd. The camp is part of more strategic and larger collaboration between the City of Turku and City of Salo to develop Salo as regional IoT hub. In the collaboration the parties are trying to introduce new kinds of collaboration models and engaging also higher education students in to the development work. The University of Turku, Brahea Centre has been organizing Challenge Turku innovation camps together with the City of Turku already from 2013. The concept has been proved to be functional development tool both for companies and public organisations.

During the 24 hours the students were working on the given challenge, which this time was launched by Satel. The target of the camp was to identify new industrial internet of things application areas for Satel’s mission critical communication solutions. Satel’s core business is to provide reliable, high available and long range wireless connections. These solutions are typically used in applications where reliable connectivity is hard requirement. Examples vary from fresh and waste water treatment, electricity generation, transmission and distribution to Formula and WRC cars and power boating.

In addition to the content specific knowledge and skills the students got to develop their transversal working life skills as well. In the camp skills like negotiation, presentation and prompt decision making skills are essential and needed. Also building professional networks is one of the most important objectives of all CT camps.

The final of the camp was organised on 24th of March were after all final team presentations the winner team was awarded by Satel and by the University of Turku for their SMART harbour solution which was considered to be the most innovative business solution with real business potential. The winner team consisted of four students with strong IT and international business back ground. The members of the winner team were Simranjit Singh and and Nhan Thanh Nquyen studying in the Turku University of Applied Sciences and Huy Hoang Tran and Eric Kipongi from the University of Turku.

“Amazing camping experience inspires to challenge!”
(Male CT camper from Åbo Akademi)

More information on the Challenge Turku in Salo 2017 camp:

Development manager and Challenge Turku Camp Coordinator at University of Turku:
Sari Stenvall-Virtanen,, + 358 405013757

Press release in Finnish (Published on 27.3.2017)
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