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University of Turku Pedagogical Support (UTUPS)
There are different modules to study. Every module concentrates on a certain topic, for example "How to plan my teaching" or "Lecturing and expertise"In addition to the modules there are other materials available for teachers.
UTUPS environment was published on March 2016 and more modules will be opened during the year 2016. More information and address to UTUPS on intranet.

The project is carried out by University´s strategic funding.
The project group consists of following people:
  • Heidi Salmento (Project Secretary, Unit for University Pedagogy and Research)
  • Mari Murtonen (University Reseacher, Unit for University Pedagogy and Research)
  • Matti Lappalainen (Senior Researcher, Unit for University Pedagogy and Research)

Cooperation partners:

Erno Lehtinen (Department of Teacher Education and Centre for Learning Research), Marjaana Veermans (University Researcher, Department of Teacher Education), Aleksi Lahti (Project researcher, Department of Teacher Education), Satu Hakanurmi (Head of Development, Brahea) and Hely Lahtinen (Special Coordinator, Educational Development and Counselling Services) 

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