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TSE exe Executive MBA is TSE exe's leadership development programme. EMBA develops future oriented leaders with a desire for renewal in the constantly changing business environment. The programme combines recent academic research with the understanding of contemporary development needs in organizations, resulting in a strong foundation for business expertise.

TSE exe EMBA - for visionary future leaders who have courage and motivation to develop themselves .


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​​EMBA programme lenght varies from 1.5-2.5 years depending on your personal study plan.                                                                            Next EMBA starts in June. Early bird enrollment is on-going. Come and hear more about the flexible possibilities of your EMBA journey.

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Welcome to the future-oriented Executive MBA Turku!

The EMBA Turku programme is strongly oriented to the future, and aims at providing knowledge and skills on how to look far ahead. Drawing from the specific areas of expertise in the faculty of the Turku School of Economics and the University of Turku, EMBA Turku programme creates great potential for growth in leadership. The particular strengths of the programme include an excellent student body and teachers, strong ties with the business world, unique processes for personal growth, and outstanding support for learning from a highly competent EMBA team. The structure of our highly regarded programme is based on four specific and unique focus areas: visionary leadership; global business excellence; innovation and new business creation; and personal growth. These perspectives are employed to create an executive programme with a balanced mix of latest academic knowledge, practical business competence, real-world business cases and company visits, development projects that benefit the company, and peer-learning. We believe in personal development that begins with acknowledging and appreciating one’s own potential and qualities as a leader. The journey far starts from near. 

Director Ulla Heinonen TSE exe | University of Turku