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Advances in Managing Innovation - Towards Design-driven and Open Innovation
Intended Learning Outcomes:
This session provides an overview of advanced innovation management. It contrasts the classic rational approach to innovation management with two leading-edge approaches: the designdriven approach, which addresses a firm’s innovation culture, and the open-innovation approach, which addresses a firm’s access to resources outside the firm. In addition, it presents participants with a state-of-the-art understanding of networked creative individuals.

More specifically, the intended learning outcomes are:

Directing and Monitoring Innovation:
  • Understanding the scope of innovation (i.e., different types of innovation)
  • Understanding the classical tools of innovation management such as (a) innovation
  • strategy, innovation portfolio and roadmap, (b) the Stage-Gate-Process and (c)
  • innovation measurement
  • Understand the limitations of rational instruments for controlling the unknown
Design-Driven Innovation:
  • Understanding the structure of creative design processes
  • Understanding the key competences required in creative design processes
  • Understanding innovative corporate culture in terms of design principles
  • Preliminary assessment of ‘own’ companies innovation culture
  • Suggestions for improving own’ companies innovation culture
Understanding and Managing Creative People:
  • Understanding what motivates creative people
  • Understanding how creative individuals process information
  • Understanding networks of support that fuel creative achievement
  • Understanding how the above means for organizational design and leadership behavior
Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing:
  • Understanding the importance of outside resources for innovation
  • Understand the outside-in and the inside-out approach to open innovation
  • Understanding the new role of innovation management: knowledge broker backed by
  • absorptive capacity
  • Understanding how crowdsourcing works and how it generates value
Robert M. Bauer is professor of Organization and Innovation at Johannes Kepler University, Linz. His research focuses on the management of innovation processes and the enhancement of industrial creativity — including the potential and risk in integrating management with art and design. Dr. Bauer was a visiting professor for several years at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, a leading institution in the field of ‘Design Thinking’, where he lead curriculum development. His research has appeared in major journals in North America and the German-speaking realm. His preliminary study of potential cultural usages of the historic industrial area Tabakfabrik Linz that was commissioned by the City of Linz in 2009 forms the basis for the future development of this precinct. Dr. Bauer has been active as a speaker and advisor in Europe, North America and China, and is also a registered psychotherapist coaching senior executives. His writings explore the consequences of complexity and different epistemological modes for industrial creativity as well as for the philosophy of management and organization.



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