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Interactive Skills

Interactive Skills
During this interactive day you will  learn how to develop your personal ability to inspire and motivate your colleagues and team members for your ideas.  You will also learn how to be more persuasive when selling your ideas and get insight on the important of non-formal discussion and trust and a new perspective on the way customers and colleagues make decisions.

The session consists of participant & instructor lead approach where the focus is not only on concrete theory, but also on practice & feedback & analysis, identification of best practice, focus on real life examples & cases, and individuals getting feedback on their own strengths as a communicator. This will provide participants with ample opportunities to practice and apply their learning.

Focus areas are:

a) Persuasiveness – Develop your ability to be more persuasive when presenting and getting interest for your ideas internally (for example when presenting to the board, an important customer or trying to convince on the need for change or showing your value to the company). 
b) Leadership - Get tools to be an inspiring and effective leader
c) Selling Ideas to Customers. Gain tools to help you get interest for your ideas and your company in the competitive market place. You can also practise interaction with Customers who are NOT predisposed favourable to you.


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