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Association of Professional Futurists' award to Akhgar Kaboli and Petri Tapio
​The APF's awards were announced at the Annual Reception and Recognition ceremony at the APF Pittsburgh Gathering, October 4, 2018. Works are nominated in three categories: Category 1: Advance the methodology and practice of foresight and futures studies; Category 2: Analyze a significant future issue; and Category 3: Illuminate the future through literacy or artistic works.
The paper published in Futures, Feb 2018 issue, by Akhgar and Pete is one of the eight works awarded in "Category 1: Advance the methodology and practice of foresight and futures studies".
"CLA is used to create realistic images of the future drawing upon interview material from ten diverse students in higher education. The article describes the process of exploration of the primary research using Polak’s categorization for images of the future (Essence vs Influence) and CLA as the theoretical framework to understand images of the future described by the participants."

“An original deep dive into a culturally diverse set of digital natives looking at the future guided through CLA.”
Kaboli, S.A. & Tapio, P. (2018) How late-modern nomads imagine tomorrow? A Causal Layered Analysis practice to explore the images of the future of young adults. Futures 96: 32-43.
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