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Pentti Malaska in memoriam

​Professori Pentti Malaskasta julkaistuja muistokirjoituksia


Markku Wilenius, Helsingin Sanomat 22.3.2012:
Pentti Malaskan muistokirjoitus


Anita Rubin, Tulevaisuuden tutkimuksen www, Futuuri 2/2012
Professori Pentti Malaska (1934-2012) in memoriam


Sirkka Heinonen, Futura 2/2012:
In memoriam Pentti Malaska – tulevaisuuden soihdunkantaja


Opinnäytekerho, Mercurius 2/2012:
Pentti Malaska (1934-2012) - professori, joka vaikutti tulevaisuuteen 







"Pentti was a great thinker and a great human being. I am sure he will be greatly missed in Futures Studies in WFSF and to all his friends like me."
- Eleonora Barbieri Masini

"Pentti was a good friend, a dedicated futurist, and a empathetic human being. He seemed always curious about things and inquiring about them, topics from science and scholarship to poetry and
- Wendell Bell

"We Hungarian futurists are convinced that Pentti Malaska had a marvellous and unique role in the foundation and the unfolding of the scientific futures studies in the 20th century and he helped to lay the foundations of the complex synthesis of them for the 21st century."
- Erzsebet Novaky

"I first met Pentti when he gave an extraordinary lecture at one of the annual Futures Courses held in Dubrovnik for a decade or so in the late 70s and 80s. He then became Secretary General of the WFSF while I was President. Because of we were both early email adapters, our cooperation was quick and efficient even though we were literally poles apart. He had a great mind and sense of humor."
- James Allen Dator