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Tutu e-julkaisut 2018
Eranti, Ashok Kumar & Kaskinen, Juha (editors)

Essays of the study course "Future Sustainable Energy Challenges"

FFRC eBOOK 1/2018, Finland Futures Research Centre, University of Turku.
87 p. ISBN 978-952-249-497-9, ISSN 1797-1322.

Of recent, energy education is acquiring importance in Indian higher education system. As a signatory to many international protocols on reducing carbon emissions, India is obligated to persue alternative sources of energy and awareness building among the masses to meet its global commitments. Once such initiative was undertaken in Solapur University, Maharashtra state, Western India, to introduce a course on “Future Sustainable Energy Challenges”, in collaboration with Finland Futures Research Centre (Turku School of Economics in University of Turku, Finland) under the financial assistance from the Finnish National Agency of Education.

The present book is a collection of essays developed by Master students as project work of their course in Energy Education. There are three essays presented in this book which provide glimpses on Renewable Energy Sources and their potential to meet energy needs of India in a sustainable manner. All the three essays are set in ‘Futures studies perspective‘ and have discussed at length the challenges and limitations through specific case studies on wind, solar, biofuel energy, in the context of India’s energy sector.