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We hope that these comments will encourage you to apply.

"At first, the Baltic Sea Region may not sound compelling for many European and world citizens. This programme proves that it enshrines indeed an invaluable resource. Come and discover the Baltic Sea Region with us: it is a place, a state of mind, a process that will help you codify our past, present day reality and future developments. Welcome!"
by Camilla (enrolled in 2011)

“I believe that when the desire to take on graduate studies is accompanied by a genuine interest in what you plan to study, then the real magic happens. If you are fond of the rich history and culture of the countries of the Baltic Sea littoral, I strongly encourage you to put this passion to the best use in your academic and professional endeavors. The Master’s programme in the Baltic Sea Region Studies at the University of Turku is an excellent choice for this purpose.

The BSRS in Turku is not confined to a single discipline or dogmatic approach and is a constantly growing program within the ongoing research on the region. Being multidisciplinary in its essence, the program is designed for students from different academic backgrounds in social sciences and humanities. Whether your interests lie in the historical research or cultural studies of the region or maybe the more practical applications of the recent region-building strategies for the Baltic Sea region, the program will provide you with the well-structured courses to accommodate your specific interests. The qualified teaching staff will guide you to the area of your research and help you develop your own unique career path.” 
by Konstantin (enrolled in 2011, graduated in  2013)