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NOCURE staff

SocScD, Doc. Nina Tynkkynen's main field of scholarships are environmental social science and environmental humanities, which both are genuinely multidisciplinary in character.

Her current research interests focus on sustainability science and the politics of environmental knowledge, including e.g. questions related to citizen science, public engagement in knowledge production, and science - policy interface. She has also studied the dynamics of international environment politics, environmental governance of the Baltic Sea region and Russian environmental policy.

Selected publications:

  • Climate Denial revisited: (Re)contextualising Russian Public Discourse on Climate Change during Putin 2.0, together with Veli-Pekka Tynkkynen, forthcoming in Europe-Asia Studies
  • The pollution of the Baltic Sea: A mirror image modernization, in Water in social imagination: from technological optimism to contemporary environmentalism, ed. J. Costlow, Y. Haila & A. Rosenholm, by Brill, Leiden, 2016
  • Baltic Sea environment, knowledge and the politics of scale, in Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning 17: 201-2016, 2015
  • Russia and the politics of international environmental regimes: Environmental encounters or foreign policy? by Edward Elgar: Cheltenham, with A Korppoo & G. Honneland, 2015.