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BSRS Thesis archive

​A printed copy of each thesis is availabe in the UTU Feeniks Library and in the BSRS office.
The abstract of each thesis can be read by clicking the author's name.

Travis Macbeth: The Discourse of Sustainability in Copenhagen Bicycle Transportation Policy.
Stefanie Bischof: The Waterfront Revitalisation in Riga. The case of Kipsala.

Donata Vitkuté: The European Spacial Policy and Planning: The Case of Rail Baltica Project.
Anna Koreneva: The dicourses and practices of regional competitiveness in the Tver Region, Russia
Misa Veselinovic: Germany and Serbia 2000-2003: The change of political and economic orientation
Ursula Wolf: From a National Past into a European Future - Poland and the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union
Jonas Helseth: The N.E.W. Corridor and the Northern Axis - How the influence of the EU has shaped the political process of promoting the Trans-Siberian railway as a sustainable and viable transport alternative between the Far East and the West 

Donata Raudonytè: Free city/state ideas in Memel in 1919-1924: a missed historical opportunity or political idealism?
Marja van Os: Past Politics: Vladimir Putin's interpretation of the collapse of the USSR
Julija Laksberg: The role of stakeholders in the solving of everyday environmental problems in case of the action "Teeme ärä!" in Spring 2008
Emanuela Luciani: "A Steal Called the GDR". German reunification and disappointment in Günther Grass' Too Far Afield and Christa Wolf's What Remains 
Guido Paolo Bolla The 'Europeanization process' and the minority issue in the EU enlargement of Estonia
Gao Minghui: Finnair's New Silk Road  in the New Millennium: An Analysis of the Construction of Asia and of the Company
Benjamin Hiscox: Cooperation and Controversy in the Post-Soviet Baltic Region: The Role of the Polish Minority in Lithuania in Shaping Bilateral International Relations
Polina Kachurina: The Russian-speaking Immigrants in Finland: Identity, Community and the Life in the Frame of Multiculturalism
Saara Peura: 'I want my children to grow up in this country' Polish family migration experiences in Finland in the context of the EU enlargement
Santa Stopniece: China Trade Centers and Investment Initiatives in the Baltic Sea Region

Adrià Alcoverro: The Competition State and its View of International Relations: The Case of Finland
Elena Drozdova: The Interplay of Internal and External Interests in Russian Involment in the Lithuanian Oli Company Mazeikiu Nafta

Natalia Ignatenko: Internal Politics and the Russian Foreign Policy: From Vladimir Putin to Dmitry Medvedev (2000-2011). (At The Case of Russian-Finnish Relations)
Elisa Bertieri: Men Without a Future: A portrait of marginalization in Finnish post 1990s depression cinema
Žieda Tamašauskaitė: The Urban Spatial Structure of New Towns: A Comparative Analysis of Vällingby and Tapiola
Wioletta Charas: Cultural relations between Poland and Finland in the interwar period
Drew Aaron Karraker: Storming Near the Baltic: The Polish black metal scene as a selective counter-cultural response to modernity and globalisation.

Bujar Berisha: Putin's Role in the Improvement of NATO-Russia Relations: First term as President of the Russian Federation 2000-2004.
Sofya Kalyakina: Between hard and soft security. Political discourse analysis of  the speeches by Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev regarding the Arctic region.
Jenny Uusikartano: Increasing democracy through the Internet. A comparative study of Estonia and Finland.
Olena Zinchuk: Bottom-up approach in implementing the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region: the case of Union of the Baltic Cities Commission on Environment
Konstantin Fuks: The Rebirth of Dinamo Riga: From the Glorious Soviet Past to the Kontinental Hockey League. Available online

Iivari Huhta: "Did all the municipalities get mentioned?" Political debate in
Finland about the development area policy between 1965 and 1966.
Sofiya Vasilyeva:  Lars von Trier’s America: the Representation of the 
United States in Lars von Trier’s Dancer in the Dark and Dogville
Camilla Marucco: Becoming Locals in a Borderland of Exiles. Sense of Place in the Stories of LIthuania Minor Dwellers. Available online, UTU library
Ana Krznaric: Small states and regional co-operation: case study of the Baltic states in the Nordic Dimension

Agata Teperek: Collective Memory embodied in Poetry as Poison: The Mnemonic Role of Romantic Poets Discussed on the Basis of Adam Mickiewicz‘ Konrad Wallenrod and Forefathers (Part III). Available on-line
Camille Lepallec: The "Swedish Model" and the French Political Debate (1960-1975)
Charlotte Junnila: Promoting Labour Market Integration: A Comparative Analysis of the Immigrant Integration Policies of Finland and Sweden. Available on line here.
Kristina Mediucha: The representation of the city of Klaipeda in photo albums. Comparison of albums from Soviet and Independence periods
Igne Stalmokaite: Tracing Innovation Practices in Seaports: The Ports of Klaipeda and Stockholm as Case Studies, Available on line here.
Taha Cheriet: Between Dugin's Eurasianism and Mahan's Sea Power Cencept: Russia's Geopolitical Discourse within Foucault's 'Discursive Tree' befoe and after the Incorporation of the Crimea.
Erol Guliyev: EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region: its added value in environmental, social and economic dimensions.
Annika Forbes-Sarantsin: Conflicting Memory in Estonia: how do Estonian Russian-speakers understand the events of 1939-1940

Henri Saarinen: Street Food in Finland in the 2010s - a Sandwich of Food and Urban Cultures

Marina Karlova: A Year After Crimea: Continuity and Change of Finnish-Russian Relations Reflected in the Views of the Government Officials of Finland and Russia

Jesse Sorila: Khruschchev's Beau Geste: The Return of Porkkala and Its Global Significance

Anastasia Khodyreva: Political Chessboard in Contemporary Russia:
The Discovery of the Power Narrative in Leviathan (2014) of Andrey

Chun-Ling Chen: Framing the Gas Market Uncertainty in Russian Gas Export
Policy: The Role of Underlying Ideas

Ramuné Podolskyté: National Myths and Heroes: a Case of Vytautas the Great in Lithuania

Peter Rivard: The Use of Magic in Transformations, Weather and Entrapments by Finnar, Bjarmar and Other Inhabitants of the North in the Fornaldarsögur (ca. 1200-1400)

Adham Maharramli: The peoples of the Baltic and South Caucasus regions during the Russian and Soviet empires. Comparative analysis of the formation of national consciousness.

Iuliia Matveeva: Social Integration of Syrian Male Refugees in Finland

Sofiia Bogdanova: Soft Power a La Russe: Making Sense of Russia’s Soft
Power Approach

Anna Stenberg: Re-presenting the Bronze Night in Tallinn - A qualitative research on the news coverage in Finnish language Newspaper Helsingin Sanomat and Swedish language newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet during April-May 2007

Nadezda Izotova: Knowledge, Stereotypes and the Image of Neighboring Country: A Comparative Study among High School Students from the Finnish-Russian Border Region