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​NOCURE and Baltic Sea Region Studies 

Nordic Cultural and Social Resilience (NOCURE) and Baltic Sea Region Studies (BSRS) are interdisciplinary programmes coordinated by the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Turku. They offer:


- a two-year international Master's programme
- NOCURE master's degree programme will partially continue the heritage of BSRS, the first student intake for NOCURE will be 2018
- all exchange students are welcome to take their mobility period with us
- active interdiciplinary participation in interntional cooperation with universities around the Baltic Rim and beyond
- language of instruction: English

- for information about the application process, please go to Master's Programme >> Apply

The Baltic Sea region as well as Nordic and Arctic regions form a visible entity on the map of Europe. These regions are often presented as a prime example of new regionalism, de-securitization, transnational cooperation, sustainable development, and new forms of governance. These regions, which have a long history of cooperation and conflict, serve as a microcosm where east and west, and also north and south, come together. They thus provide a prism to look at the interplay between the local, regional and global scales. Our programmes take advantage of the experience already gained within the Baltic Sea and the Nordic and Arctic regions and introduce a fresh regional perspective well aware of the current political dynamics in Europe.


The programmes aim at producing expertise on regional dynamics as well as cultural and social resilience. It builds capacity to adjust to various global changes such as climate change. They  offer comprehensive studies on the whole region, its historical and current political, economic and cultural development, national and international co-operation in and among the countries of the region, as well as the region's perspectives in the context of European regionalisation and globalisation, sustainability and resilience. Our master's programme includes a possibility of studies at a partner university and an internship.





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Baltic Sea Region Studies
Faculty of Humanities

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T 52 on the campus map,
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