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Master's Degree Programme in Baltic Sea Region Studies

BSRS students and staff on a retreat at the Seili island in 2014.


The Baltic Sea Region Studies (BSRS) is a multidisciplinary international Master’s Programme that looks at the world from the perspective of the region formed by the nine coastal states of the Baltic Sea and the sea itself. The programme combines thematic studies from history, international relations, human geography and cultural studies with training in transferable skills that the students will need in their post-graduation working life.   

Duration and ECTS

  • 2 years/4 semesters
  • 120 ECTS are granted for the whole programme


The BSRS study plate offers an innovative combination of traditional academic discipline-based perspectives, such as history and IR, as well as emerging novel fields of study, such as spatial planning, cross-border area studies, environmental studies and popular culture studies. By preparing and updating their personal portfolios, the students will also learn to identify and further develop the professional skills that they accumulate during their studies, such as oral and written presentation, project management and group working skills.

Programme goals / Learning outcomes

The BSRS students gain a broad understanding of the past, ongoing and future developments in a region that the European Union has promoted as a model for the rest of Europe to follow. They will be equipped with the ability to see things from a regional perspective and the capacity to operate in regional contexts, which will be centrally important skills in the emerging Europe of macro-regions. Concurrently with acquisition of knowledge-based expertise in historical, political, social and cultural processes of regionalization the students will become fluent in intercultural interaction.

The new structure from August 2014 on.


  • Degree: Master of Arts (in Baltic Sea Region studies)
  • European Diploma Supplement  

 Requirements for admission

  • Admission requirements are reviewed annually, please check How to apply page. 

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