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Structure of the BSRS Master's Programme

Structure of the Programme:

1. Academic and Professional Skills                 25 ECTS
2. Thematic Subject Studies                                45 ECTS
3. Thesis Studies                                                   50 ECTS

- to be completed in two years.

Check 'Curriculum' for details.

More information on each year's teaching programme is given on the NettiOpsu and BSRS intranet


Academic and Professional Skills

are compulsory to all and consist of these 5 modules

  • Finnish Language     5 ECTS     
  • Advanced Academic Writing    5 ECTS
  • Introduction to Methodology    5 ECTS 
  • International Project management   5 ECTS   
  • Transferable Skills     5 ECTS

Thematic Subject Studies

  • Introduction to the Baltic Sea Region   5 ECTS   
  • History, Memory in the Baltic Sea Region 5 ECTS  
  • Environment and Energy Related challenges in the Baltic Sea Region – a multidisciplinary approach 5 ECTS
  • Cross-Border Areas in the Baltic Sea Region: Borders, Identity and Everyday Life 5 ECTS
  • Baltic Sea as an Emerging Economic Macro-Region  5 ECTS
  • Baltic Sea Region in the Context of Regional and Global Studies 5 ECTS
  • Global Risks and Security in the Baltic Sea Region 5 ECTS
  • Politics and Governance in the Baltic Sea Region 5 ECTS
  • Optional studies     10 ECTS
    - students have the option to replace one of the modules listed above with other studies, as agreed within the individual study plan. 

Thesis Studies

  • Thesis seminar   5 ECTS
  • Advanced methodology    5 ECTS
  • Master’s Thesis  40 ECTS 
    - recommended number of pages: ca 60.