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Non-Degree Studies


  • The non-degree studies offer an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the societies, cultures and economics of the region surrounding the Baltic Sea.
  • The programme is a contribution to the constructing a new regional identity within the enlarged European Union. Its focus is on historical and current political, economic and cultural development in the Baltic Sea Region, national and international co-operation in and among the countries of the region, as well as the region's perspectives in the context of European regionalisation and globalisation.


  • The language of instruction is English.
  • The non-degree studies are especially addressed
    - to exchange students, who study at the UTU one or two semesters, and
    - to Finnish degree students as minor studies (sivuaineopinnot).
    They do not lead to a degree at the University of Turku, but they are complementary studies to be used at the home university at the undergraduate or postgraduate level.
  • The total amount of courses offered each academic year will be at least 25 ECTS.


At least two years of university studies and a special interest in the Baltic Sea Area in the fields available.

The fields of study

  • We offer courses in the fields of History, Culture, Languages and Communication, Society and Environment.
  • Minor studies include at least 25 ECTS studies done in the Humanistic faculty.

How to apply as an exchange students 

Further information:

Eija Koskivaara
Education manager
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Phone + 358 (02) 333 51

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