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List of courses offered in the Academic Year 2016-17 below

  • Full descriptions (syllabus) of all courses can be read here.

The venues and timetables of the courses, as well as instructions on registration will be given on NettiOpsu ( > Teaching schedules, > Faculty of Humanities, > Baltic Sea Region Studies, non degree).
Please, always check the timetables, venues and possible changes.
The easiest way to find a course, is to search by its code.

If not mentioned, no preregistration is required. You can join the courses by attending the first lecture.
Autumn semester: teaching periods I and II
Spring semester: teaching periods III and IV


  • BSRM3200 Introduction to the Baltic Sea Region, 5 ECTS
    PhD Nina Tynkkynen
    Starting on Fri, Sept 9, schedule NOTE change of venue!
    NOTE registration in NettiOpsu (> Faculty of Humanities),
    search by the code BSRM3200

  • TAHI2176 The Baltic Sea Region in Art History, 3-5 ECTS
    MA Eeva-Liisa Hallikainen
    Starting on Fri, Sept 9, schedule
    Registration in the first session.
  • BSRS0017/SUKI1308 Knowledge about Finland, 3-5 ECTS
     MA Karita Suomalainen
     Starting on Mon, Sept 5, schedule 
    Registration in the first session.   
  • e-learning courses
    Identities of European History, 4-5 ECTS
    To be confirmed


The timetables and venues of the Spring term courses will be complete until early December, please check. 

  • BSRS0018/SUKI1307 Variations and Development of the Finnish Language, 3 ECTS, MA Mikael Varjo
  • BSRS9835 Introduction to Intercultural Communication, 5 ECTS,
    MA Minghui Gao
    REGISTRATION on Nettiopsu > Faculty of Humanities
  • BSRS9715 Urban Layers in Turku from Medieval Times to the Present,
    5 ECTS, PhD Silja Laine
    REGISTRATION on NettiOpsu > Faculty of Humanities