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Materially Mediated World -symposium in September
Monday, 28 September
12.00–12.30 Registration (main building)
12.30–14.00 Keynote lecture (Tauno Nurmela lecture hall, main building)
Opening of the symposium
Professor Tony Bennett (University of Western Sydney):
Collecting, Ordering, Governing
Discussant: professor Anders Ekström (Uppsala University)
14.00–14.30 Walking to the Sirkkala campus & coffee break
14.30–16.00 Session I (Aikala, Historicum building, 1st floor)
Teppo Jokinen (University of Helsinki):
Hygiene Exhibitions and Architecture
Hanna Järvinen (The University of the Arts, Helsinki):
Archive without Objects: Researching the History of Dance and Performance Art

Anne-Sofie Hjemdahl (University of Oslo):
Time, Bodies and Clothing in the Museum

16.40–17.40 Optional visit to Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova museum

Tuesday, 29 September
8.30–10.30 Session II (Aikala, Historicum building, 1st floor)
Hanna-Leena Paloposki (Finnish National Gallery)
Art Works in National and Political Context: Finnish Art Exhibitions in Soviet Union, Germany and Italy in the 1930s
Maija Koskinen (University of Helsinki):
Silenced and Forgotten Exhibitions – Propaganda Exhibitions Organized by Finland-Soviet Union Society in Kunsthalle Helsinki (and Ateneum Art Museum) in 1944–1945
Chris Zisis (University of Hamburg):
Migration in Museums. Greek Guest Workers and the 'New Greek Crisis Migration' in Germany. Towards Collaborative Museum Work with Immigration Communities
Leila Koivunen (University of Turku):
From Personal Souvenirs to Public Collections. The Flow of Objects from Congo to Finland in the Early 20th century
10.30–11.30 Lunch break
11.30-13.30 Session III (Aikala, Historicum building, 1st floor)
Baiba Tetere (Ernst Moritz Arndt Universität Greifswald):
Looking at Peasants: Hybridized Visions of Rural Life in Latvia, 1860s–1910s
Taina Syrjämaa (University of Turku):
Animal Other in the Exhibition Medium. Dog Shows in Helsinki in the 1890s
Elina Sopo (University of Turku):
The Articulation of Identities and Diversities in the Finnish Museum Discourses – Past and Present
Joanna Iranowska & Janne W. Olsrud (University of Oslo):
Presentation of the Project Museum: A Culture of Copies
13.30–14.15 Walking to the Fennicum lecture hall & coffee break
14.15–15.45 Keynote lecture (Fennicum lecture hall, Henrikinkatu 3)
Museum director, Dr. Lotten Gustafsson Reinius (Museum of Ethnography, Stockholm):
Rites of Closure and Opening. On the Sociomaterial Dynamics of Repatriation
Discussant: Public art expert, Doctor of Arts Outi Turpeinen (Arts Promotion Centre Finland)
Closing of the symposium
16.00–17.00 Optional visit to Turku cathedral
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