Professor Liisa Kanerva is the head of the laboratory of synthetic drug chemistry. Our interest in enzyme catalysis resides in the preparation of highly enantiopure (and/or diastereopure) building blocks or intermediates which, in turn, can function as structural units for the synthesis of various enantiopure pharmaceuticals. Epoxides and glycerol derivatives, cyanides as well as hydroxy- and amino acid derivatives, cyanohydrins and amino alcohols are examples of resolved building blocks with a wide application area in synthetic chemistry. 

Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2012, 2671-2677.


Liisa Kanerva (Professor)

Arto Liljeblad (Docent, Lecturer)

Katri Lundell (PhD, University teacher)

Riku Sundell (M.Sc., PhD student)

Mari Päiviö (M.Sc., PhD student)