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Nursing Leadership Educational Program for Doctoral and Postdoctoral Nurses or Nurse-Lead, offers a 1 ½ year program in which doctoral nursing students and post-doctoral nurses strengthen their leadership skills, research skills, professional development and establish transnational networks. This program will be the first project in Europe where academies, educators and students from different countries come together and collaborate when developing their leadership, professional and research skills. At the end of this program you will have the knowledge and skills to successfully conduct interdisciplinary research and establish transnational networks. The Nurse-Lead program is a collaboration between universities in six European countries. Therefore, doctoral nursing students and postdoctoral nurses working in research and education from Iceland, Finland, Germany, Portugal, Lithuania and the Netherlands can participate in the program. Nurse-Lead offers two separate programs: one for doctoral nursing students and one for postdoctoral nurses working in education and research. Details per program will be disclosed below.

In the program different ways of learning will be used to improve your leadership and research competencies. Participants will learn individually by reading the literature and watching web lectures. Group assignments and discussion forums will be used to share experiences and knowledge. Besides, during the program a personal mentoring trajectory will be offered to support and monitor your leadership and professional development. The programs are taught in blocks of 2-3 weeks learning units with approximately one month in between. Both courses start in September 2018 and are free of charge for participants.

The program for doctoral nursing students

The aim of this course is to support doctoral nursing students to perform high quality research during the first steps of their careers. The program focusses on leadership development, research development and professional development in nursing science. The program includes 6 learning units, in which the following topics will be covered:
  • Leadership in nursing
  • The first steps as a leader
  • Having a vision towards (your) research
  • Clinical credibility
  • Research dissemination and implementation
  • Research management
  • Ethical issues in nursing research
  • View the future
In total, 24 doctoral nursing students can be enrolled in the program. The study load of this 5 ECT program is approximately 12.5 hours per learning unit.

The program for postdoctoral nurses

The program for postdoctoral nurses focusses on leadership development, research development and professional development in nursing science. In this program participants focus on developing and strengthening their research program as well as their strategic and global leadership practices.

The program consist of 10 learning units and the following topics will be covered:
  • Leadership & Personal Leadership development
  • Clinical credibility
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Communication and branding your research
  • Networking
  • Negotiations
  • National and international Research collaboration
  • International Grant Funding
In total, 24 postdoctoral nurses working in research and education can enroll in this program. The study load of this 7,5 ECT program is approximately 16 hours per learning unit.​

 The call for applications to the Nurse-Lead prog​ram is closed.

For more information please see the information sheet, program flyer,  inclusion ​criteria and application content  links below.

Information sheet  and flyer about the Nurse-Lead program for doctoral candidates and post doctoral researchers

Information for doctoral candidates:

- ​Inclusion criteria for doctoral candidates

- Application content for doctoral candidates

Information for post doctoral researchers:

-  Inclusion criteria post doctoral researchers

Application content for post doctoral researchers 


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