Each year we take in two first classes, one emphasizing skills and active learning and the other Content and Language Integrated Learning in English (CLIL). All classes in the school are limited to 24 pupils. 

Art and physical education

Our instructional emphasis lies on Arts, Crafts and PE. We encourage creativity as well as independent problem-solving skills and innovative ideas.

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

Children entering the CLIL class are not required to have English language skills.



We achieved the Green Flag status in 2007. The school is involved in projects and campaigns which help us raise awareness of environmental issues and sustainability in a fun and action-oriented way.

Unesco Associated Schools – World Heritage Education project

Children study our heritage sites (Old Rauma and The Sammallahdenmäki Bronze Age Burial site) using a variety of methods and learn to understand and value our local history.

Seminaari garden (University garden)

On campus we have the University garden where pupils can learn the basics of gardening, study plants and learn to grow them.

KiVa School

KiVa is a research-based anti-bullying programme implemented in our school.  It teaches children how to be a good friend and work in a group and gives tools for the school to tackle bullying.


Our classrooms are equipped with data projectors, visual presenters, computers and whiteboards. Laptops and iPads are also available for classroom use.


Languages are an important part of our curriculum. Foreign language learning starts in Year Three with English (A1 language), and in Year Four pupils can start learning French or German as an optional language (A2 language). Swedish is a compulsory language (B1) which starts in Year Seven, and German, French or Spanish can be studied as an optional B2 language in Years Eight and Nine.

Finnish as a second language is taught to the children whose native language in not Finnish.


We have an active pupil council both at primary and secondary level. They hold regular meetings throughout the school year.

Our peer support system runs throughout the school from Year One to Nine.

LEPPIS, after school care for children in Years 1 and 2

Leppis offers care for children whose parents are unable to collect them at the end of the school day. It is open from 12pm to 5pm. There is a charge for this service.


There are a wide range of clubs that meet after school. They include e.g. Music, Art, IT, PE, Cooking and Drama. The clubs are free of charge.


Our school is also a training school for teacher trainees and we work in cooperation with the Teacher Training Department of the University of Turku. Part of the lessons is taught by the trainees in the supervision and presence of the class or subject teacher.