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Master's Degree Programme in Digital Health and Life Sciences / Molecular Systems Biology (FM)

Introduction to the Master’s Degree Programme

Master´s Degree Programme in Digital Health and Life Sciences offers extensive training ranging from molecular level interactions to individuals and society in the context of Health Technology, Medical Analytics and Health Internet-of-Things, Bioinformatics and Molecular Systems Biology.

The Molecular Systems Biology study track provides the theoretical and practical skills required to actively participate in systems biology research related to molecular cell biology, molecular plant biology (including bioenergy), molecular immunology or molecular microbiology. MDP graduates will have expertise in current theories and state-of-the-art technologies in systems biology, including transcriptomics, proteomics and bioinformatics.

Structure of the studies

The programme offers common courses covering transferrable skills, and each track offers research field-specific education. Theoretical knowledge in molecular systems biology is acquired from lecture courses and seminars, and through independent study for textbook exams. Strong skills in modern laboratory techniques will be obtained by extensive laboratory courses and through practical training as part of hands-on research projects. The student will be expected to take a majority of the coursework in the first year, while in the second year the student will carry out an independent research project for five months, and write a M.Sc. thesis based on background literature and the results of the practical work. The normative study time is two years.

Admission requirements for Master’s Degree Programme

A solid understanding of cell and molecular biology is required to participate in the MDP in Digital Health and Life Sciences, Molecular Systems Biology track. UTU students with a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry or Biology should have the requisite knowledge in these areas and may choose the programme without separate application. Students holding a bachelor’s degree from other Finnish or foreign universities or Finnish universities of Applied Sciences (ammattikorkeakoulu) may apply for the programme via Studyinfo (Opintopolku). The application period for the programme is yearly around the turn of the year and studies start in the following autumn. More information about the programme and application process can be found from

After graduation

The programme is strongly orientated towards research, providing skills required for scientific research as a Project Researcher in a university or research institute environment. Graduates of the Master’s Degree will be eligible to pursue further postgraduate studies leading to a Doctoral degree in life sciences. The M.Sc. degree also qualifies the graduate for work in research and development in industrial sectors, civil servant or administration coordination.