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Current research at Food Chemistry and Food Development
Food Chemistry and Food Development are the two scientific disciplines of the Molecular Food Sciences at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Turku. The internationally oriented disciplines are specialized in chemistry, biochemistry, properties and development of foods from natural resources. We apply versatile methods of chemical analysis, metabolomics and sensory science, as well as of environmentally friendly technologies in characterization and development of foods. Functions of natural bioactive food components, especially in relation to the unique northern environment in Finland, give us the vast possibilities in research and teaching in the Molecular Food Sciences. 

Food Chemistry

Food Chemistry is worldwide a general component of Food Sciences, and has been a part of the University of Turku since 1970. Our research is focused on chemistry of food lipids and secondary metabolites influencing the properties and value of foods and food raw materials. The methods are based on chromatography, spectroscopy and soft fractionation techniques as well as on functional genomics of the key enzymes.  
Study Degrees: MSc and PhD in Food Chemistry

Food Development

As a technical degree discipline, Food Development aims to educate experts for food industry. Our research focuses on the effects of food components on properties of foods and technological approaches for improving food quality and sustainable utilization of resources. Biological assays, clinical studies, and sensory research are important tools for understanding the role of individual food components contributing to quality factors of foods. We are in close cooperation with academic and industrial partners in Finland and abroad.

Study Degrees: MSc (Technology) and DSc (Technology) in Food Development.