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Cross-talk between light acclimation and defence reactions in plants

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Saijaliisa Kangasjärvi
e-mail: saijaliisa.kangasjarvi [at]


Saijaliisa Kangasjärvi, Dr, Docent, Senior Lecturer, Project Leader
Guido Durian,  Dr., Postdoctoral Researcher
Jesus Pascual, Dr., Postdoctoral Researcher
Moona Rahikainen, Dr., Postdoctoral Researcher
Sara Alegre Garcia, MSc, Doctoral Student
Zsofia Winter, MSc
Challenge. Food security poses a major challenge for the growing world population, and urgently depends on disease-resistant crops with high post-harvest quality and yield. Plant resistance to pathogens essentially relies on mechanisms that sense, signal and respond to infection, but the molecular mechanisms that execute the defensive measures still remain a major biological question to be resolved.
Opportunity. During the evolutionary arms race, plants have evolved an amazing diversity of species-specific specialized metabolites, also called secondary metabolites, which act as chemical defenses to prevent pathogens and pests from colonizing host plant tissues. Notably, such plant-derived natural compounds offer significant medicinal, health-promoting and sensory properties for mankind.
Aims. The overall aim of our research is to elucidate molecular mechanisms of stress resistance in plants. Special attention is paid for light-dependent regulation of defensive measures, notably the formation of deterring secondary metabolites and their applicability in nutrition and medicine.
Approaches. Molecular genetic toolboxes for the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana and other cruciferous plants, together with recent developments in proteomics and live-cell imaging now make it possible to construct high resolution regulatory networks of specialized metabolism in plants. 
Gain. Increased understanding of plant chemical defenses may provide novel medicinal compounds as well as invaluable new strategies to evade future threats for food security.

Metabolic regulation in plant immunity (Funded by the Academy of Finland 2017-2021)

• Trans-methylation reactions are vital in basic metabolism, epigenetic regulation and biosynthesis of complex chemical compounds in all living organisms, but regulatory actions governing methyl utilization remain poorly understood.
• We address post-translational regulation of the activated methyl cycle and its critical role in determining methyl utilization in stress-exposed plants.
• More specifically, we focus on regulatory actions of protein phosphatase 2A on the activated methyl cycle and the associated biosynthesis of deterring secondary metabolites in pathogen-infected leaves.
• Genetic toolboxes for Arabidopsis thaliana, together with selected reaction monitoring mass spectrometry, metabolomics and live-cell imaging are utilized to decipher the metabolic and regulatory networks.
• This will advance our understanding of regulatory networks linking primary and secondary metabolism at the post-translational level, which will be an important consideration in future engineering of bio-fortified crops.

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Recent publications

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